Register for Congress

Events of the 60th International Congress on Medieval Studies (May 8-10, 2025), including virtual and hybrid sessions, are available exclusively to those registered for the Congress.


Registration rates for the 59th Congress were: 

  • $290 (annual income $90,000 and above)
  • $235 (annual income $75,000-$89,999)
  • $200 (annual income $60,000-$74,999)
  • $175 (annual income $45,000-$59,999)
  • $120 (students and annual income below $45,000)
  • $25 (Kalamazoo residents)
  • $0 (WMU affiliates)

Registration rates for the 60th Congress will be posted when available.


We can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for credit card payments, but we cannot process electronic transfer of funds, cash or checks.


Since the advance registration deadline has passed, no refunds for registration fees, on-campus housing or meals in the dining hall will be made. For any inquiries, email the Medieval Institute.

Donate to the Medieval Institute

We invite you to consider making a charitable donation in support of the ongoing work of the Congress.