Get Started: Accelerate Your Work

If you're starting something new at the bench or on the stage, WMU has resources to help you launch your project.  Several internal funding programs are designed to help researchers recruit students, organize a study, collect preliminary data, and expand disciplinary portfolios. Occasionally internal funding is released for a specific purpose, like responding to a pandemic.  Junior faculty can tap into these opportunities to support early career activities and apply for fellowships.

Student Research & Creative Activities

Undergraduate Research Support

WMU promotes hands-on research and creative scholarship performed by undergraduate students in the education process and the advancement of our discovery mission. ORI's Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship Excellence Award provides funding for mentored activities on campus. The Student Opportunity Center is a powerful search tool for more research opportunities.

Faculty Scholarship

  • HPCHub Learn about WMU's partnership with the MSU computing cluster and view the introductory webinar.

WMU celebrates the research and creative activities that enhance scholarly reputation. Faculty Scholars can seek internal funding (SFSA) during the organizational phases of entering a new activity or project launch and engaging in professional collaborations. Researchers can also apply to FRACAA for support in significant research, rigorous scientific inquiry, original artistic activity and inventive technology. The FRACAA provides a competitive advantage when seeking external funding.

Special Purpose Funding

Need to repair or update equipment for research and creative scholarship purposes? ORI has funds for this and, in limited cases, procurement of replacement equipment.

University-designated funding made available for internal funding is determined by the WMU-AAUP contract, governed by the Faculty Senate's Research Policies Council, and administered by ORI.​

More Resources

  • Early Career Trajectory ORI's workshop on early career funding highlights programs from several sponsors including the USDE, DOJ, NIH, NSF and DOD. Is this on your individual development plan?

  • Fellowships Fellowships support humanities scholarship, arts creation, and STEM research. Plan your sabbatical or summer time with an individual-directed award from NEH, NEA, NSF, etc.

  • Fulbright at WMU Scholars study, lecture and conduct research in a number of fields ranging from journalism and urban planning to music, philosophy, business administration and zoology.