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The best way to improve your Spanish is in a Spanish-speaking country! The Department of Spanish offers a study abroad program in Quito, Ecuador in Summer I session and another in Santander, Spain in Summer II session. Applications for Quito accepted until Jan. 31, 2019, and applications for Santander accepted until Feb. 28, 2019. See our study abroad page or visit an advisor.


Spring 2019 writing contest winner Jas McLemore for "El castillo"

Spring 2019 video contest winners:

First place: "La sinfonia de mis dias," by Ursula Marlies Mayr.
Honorable Mention: "Como ser Tica," by Annika Ehrig, Dakota McCracken, Anne Russell, Heather Price, and Alicia Kurth.

Spring 2019 SPAN 4400 Internship or Service Learning Class
SPAN 4400 provides students the valuable opportunity to utilize and improve their Spanish language skills through internship or service learning in the Kalamazoo Community. Apply here.

In Memory of Michael Braun
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