Student Success Services

Student Success Services at Western Michigan University provides academic support programs and connects you to resources you may need to achieve your academic and personal goals.


  • Solution Squad The Solution Squad is here to help at a moment's notice via phone or live chat.

Other University Success Resources

There are many resources on campus to assist you in your academic goals.

  • Alpha Program

    The Alpha Program is designed to guide first-year students in developing skills, behaviors and attitudes that lead to college success. The Office of Admissions admits students to the Alpha Program who are able to thrive with the opportunity and support that the program provides. Upon enrolling at Western, first-year Alpha students become part of a community of fellow Alpha students, upper-class Alpha student mentors and supportive faculty and staff.

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  • Disability Services for Students

    The mission of Disability Services for Students at Western Michigan University is to make education accessible. A student is a student, regardless of the issues, challenges or conditions faced. DSS advocates for the student to be provided with the appropriate tools to allow that person the opportunity to reach goals and potential. Those tools, academic accommodation or adjustment, facilitate learning while maintaining the integrity of course content and outcomes.

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  • Math Tutor Lab

    The Developmental Math Program in the Department of Mathematics offers a tutor lab for program participants.

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  • Mentoring for Success

    The Mentoring for Success Program is a peer mentoring program designed to promote program participants' success at Western Michigan University through increased acceptance rates into participants' intended majors and increased college graduation rates. The program is geared toward achieving specific academic and developmental goals that are focused on participants' overall development. The program is optimized for and most beneficial to first-year and second-year students.

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  • Military and Veterans Affairs

    The Office of Military and Veterans Affairs provides guidance and mentorship for veterans, those still serving and their family members. We offer assistance in academic and benefit support; we also bring answers to questions regarding WMU, the VA and southwest Michigan.

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  • University Ombudsman

    The Western Michigan University ombudsman will:

    • Listen to you and discuss your problems and concerns, identifying and evaluating with you options to resolve problems.
    • Provide information on resources within the University that may help you.
    • Open avenues of communication, investigate complaints, and gather information.
    • Serve as a neutral party to solve problems and resolve conflict. The ombudsman does not take sides, but works to achieve fair outcomes.
    • Identify problem areas facing faculty, staff, and students and recommend changes in University policies and procedures.

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  • Statistics Tutor Lab

    The purpose of the tutor lab is to give you additional support and explanation in supplement to what is being taught in your Statistic course(s).

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  • STEP Student Success Center

    STEP Student Success Centers serve all engineering students in need of academic help.

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  • Student Complaint Form

    Western Michigan University is devoted to your success and happiness as a Bronco. Whether you're in Kalamazoo, studying abroad or enrolled in one of our Extended University Programs, WMU is here to assist you with any complaints, concerns or problems you may encounter as a student. The University tracks, monitors and evaluates the student complaint process in order to make institutional improvements where needed.

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  • Textbooks on Course Reserve at Waldo Library
  • Writing Center

    The Western Michigan University writing center is dedicated to creating and fostering a campus culture that values writing as an essential process by which individuals develop scholarly knowledge, critical thinking ability, communication skills and practical wisdom. The Writing Center helps writers at all levels and of all abilities determine strategies for effective communication and make academically responsible choices at any stage in the writing process and in any genre. Our hope is to empower each writer with the skills to better understand their own work and to more deeply engage with other writers' works.

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  • Transfer Student Services

    WMU provides transfer students with an exceptional living and learning environment. We are dedicated to enhancing the growth of students to reach their full potential by providing rich learning opportunities through our programs, services and facilities.

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Point of Contact


Katie Easley

Program Manager Senior, Student Success Services

Western Michigan University is committed to supporting you in achieving your academic and personal goals. For specific comments or questions, or to learn more information about Student Success Services, contact Katie Easley or like us on Facebook.


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