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Career Pathway: Digital Marketing and eCommerce

In this rapidly changing digital marketplace, a digital marketing and eCommerce degree will give you the skills needed to prepare you for a career in e-commerce, digital marketing, mobile marketing, social media and web and mobile application development.

Created in response to significant industry and student demand, our program uniquely combines business, marketing and technical aspects of e-commerce, providing you tremendous advantages in the employment arena.

  • Where do I start for a career pathway in digital marketing and eCommerce?

    Start by making an appointment with the Zhang Career Center, which can assist you in discovering your career interests and values. The digital marketing and eCommerce industry includes employees who tent to be conventional, enterprising and investigative. They value achievement, independence and working conditions according to O*Net. Find out if your work preferences match careers in digital marketing and eCommerce by taking the Focus2 assessment.

    What is digital marketing and eCommerce?

  • What skills are digital marketing and eCommerce employers seeking?

    Technical skills are part of the proficiencies that are required for a job and may be developed in your major coursework, including strong technical skills, business intelligence, data analysis software, sales and marketing software, web platform development software, data mining software and project management skills. 

    Interpersonal skills enable you to succeed and are often developed outside of the classroom. Digital marketing and eCommerce-oriented interpersonal skills include complex problem solving, judgement, time management, systems analysis and evaluation, active listening and writing skills.

    What careers involve these digital marketing and eCommerce skills?

  • How can I obtain an internship?

    There are many different ways to acquire an internship, online or in person. Visiting the Internship Catalog and the Career Outcomes Report can help you learn about the companies that have previously employed digital marketing students.

    Handshake is WMU’s employment website. All students should set up an account and publish a resume. Resumes made public by the student are searchable by employers.

    Students use their Handshake accounts to view internship and full-time job opportunities posted by employers and sign up for on-campus interviews. For more information, visit the Zhang Career Center.

  • Student groups and supporting events at WMU Haworth

    Digital marketing and eCommerce student groups include Ad Club, American Marketing Association and Digital Marketing at WMU. Other groups include Business Association of Mentors, DECA at WMU, Delta Sigma Pi, Leadership and Business Strategy, Phi Chi Theta and Women's Business Network.

    Events supporting the digital marketing and eCommerce major include the following:

    • Marketing Career Night
    • IT Career Day
    • Business Career Day
  • NACE Career Readiness Competencies

    The Zhang Career Center at the Haworth College of Business empowers learners to launch successful business careers by engaging them in innovative programming focused on professional readiness, while developing partnerships with global, regional and local leaders who hire students. As pioneers in career readiness programs and experts in customer service, staff members in the career center strive to meet the needs of all students and employers.

    Career readiness competencies include:

    • Career and self-development
    • Communication
    • Critical thinking
    • Equity and inclusion
    • Leadership
    • Professionalism
    • Teamwork
    • Technology

    Visit the NACE competencies online to learn more.

Tasks and processes in digital marketing and eCommerce:

Online store management, website management, shopping cart and portal functions, eCommerce experience, electronic data interchange, encryption, end user support, digital media, analytics, business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), web marketing, shopper marketing, telemarketing, demographics, market share and market segmentation.

Careers in digital marketing and eCommerce:

Digital marketing and eCommerce include job titles involved with digital advertising, eCommerce, search engine marketing, mobile application development, social media, web services, web marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

Business Externship opportunities

Business Externship opportunities

The Business Externship Program provides career exploration opportunities that connect students in Western Michigan University's Haworth College of Business with mentors, many of whom are WMU alumni. Current digital marketing and ecommerce externship opportunities include Arbor Financial, Haworth, Rocket Companies and many more. Learn more about the program.

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