Bronco Spotlight: Anderson Egerer

Image of Anderson Egerer

Bachelor of Science, mechanical engineering, 2015

Current Job Title:

Supplier Quality Engineer

Current Employer:


Describe your current job:

The current role which I am in is fantastic. I've been full time for just under three months and have had the fortunate opportunity to travel to New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Illinois to visit suppliers for our medical instruments in the machining commodity. From coming right out of college this has exposed me to other companies’ cultures, business practices, and environments which has been a tremendous experience. This includes learning all about the process of manufacturing as well as promoting the impact of quality to continue to give our customers the most reliable medical equipment.

What is the most rewarding and the most challenging part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is the culture and the people in which I work with on a day to day basis. The abundance of trust within the company has been eye opening. This trust pours all the way from the director level to the friends you work with. People here want you to succeed as you want others to succeed.  The most challenging part about the role is the high extent of multi-tasking that is required. In a highly regulated FDA environment there are constantly four to seven people double checking your work and that takes time. So while you wait for reviewers on your work you must be able to work on other things or else you won’t survive. This high level of multi-tasking promotes mistakes, however mistakes are not frowned upon here, its encouraged. 

If you had a campus job or internship, how did they impact your career development?

Throughout college I worked for WMU as a chemistry student instructor leader, completed five internships, and was an active member of Sigma Phi Epsilon without taking a semester off. This taught me how to be a balanced man. From my experience, the most important life skill you can have is balance. I was fortunate to learn this early on in my development from all my involvement at Western Michigan University.

What advice do you have for others pursuing a career similar to yours?

Get involved at Western outside of class and pursue real life work experience as fast as you can. This will help yourself tailor your classes to what interests you the most as well as show you what life after college is like, which can be daunting at times. From here you will establish goals and knowledge of what you need to do to get where you want to be.

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