How do I post a job at a private residence (e.g., childcare, yard work, etc.)?

If you would like to post a position that will take place at your home, email the job description to or call us (269) 387-2745 and provide the following information:

  • Your contact information (preferable email address and phone number)
  • Job title
  • Location of job
  • Duration of job (one week, six months, etc.)
  • How many hours per week the candidate will work
  • Description of the work they will do
  • What they will be paid
  • Any specific qualifications you want candidates to have
  • How you want candidates to apply (email, over the phone, etc)
  • Documents that the candidate should provide you when they apply
  • Any other details you would like included

One of our staff members will post the position with you and confirm that it has been posted.