Bronco Spotlight: Elisabeth King

Image of Elisabeth King

Bachelor of Arts, French; global and international studies, 2016

Current Job Title:

Student Services Coordinator

Current Employer:

University of Maryland University College-Europe

Describe your current job:

I'm a part of the student services team for University of Maryland University College's Europe campus. Whereas a traditional campus has an entire office for each of our roles, we are known to "do it all." I assist faculty members in the field all throughout Europe and Downrange with army students, help students with general inquires, perform training, complete projects and much more. We've got 90,000+ students around the globe in 53+ locations so you can imagine every day is something new.

What is the most rewarding and the most challenging part of your job?

The most challenging part has been the learning curve. Adjusting to a different school that uses different terms, different policies, serves mostly non-traditional students in a non-traditional setting. As someone with no military background working at a military contracted university abroad it has definitely been a change from what I'm used to. In tackling the learning curve it's been so gratifying to be able to help students and staff. It's something that requires constant learning and growing and flexibility, skills I acquired through WMU and working for WMU Study Abroad. It's very rewarding to assist those who are serving our country all throughout Europe and the Middle East achieve their goals of higher education and I'm proud to do so. WMU definitely made that possible.

How did your campus job impact your career development?

My study abroad experience first and foremost definitely led me to considering a degree in higher education and student affairs. After I returned from a semester in France I began working at the Haenicke Institute for Global Education as a Study Abroad Peer Advisor. It was there I learned from my incredible supervisors, staff and peers about leadership, international communication, outreach and public speaking, advising and so much more. After two years there and two higher ed conferences I could see how much working for Study Abroad had impacted me.

What advice do you have for others pursuing a career similar to yours?

There are so many ways to become globally engaged right on WMU's campus. Connect with your professors, faculty and all of the amazing resources that Western has to offer. If you ever feel lost there are so many people to reach out to that can give you priceless guidance.

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