Campus Job Description Template for Student Employee Positions

Where students submit application

  • Apply in Handshake or apply through external system

Job title*

  • Descriptive title of work to be performed


  • Western Michigan University

Company division*

  • Department, academic college or VP area

Display contact information to students

  • Select "name only" or "don't show my info"

Job type*

  • On Campus Student Employment

Employment type*

  • Part time 


  • Permanent or temporary/seasonal

Work study job?

  • Yes or No (If work study is required, add "work-study required" to the job title).

Apply start and expiration date*

  • We recommend to post job(s) for 3 to 30 days.


  • List primary responsibilities; required and desired skills; required availability; describe community service component, if applicable; expectations of employee.
  • Example: Seeking a self-motivated, multi-tasking, well organized, and professional student employee who possesses superior verbal and written communication skills. May work up to 25 hours per week and must be available Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Must be willing to work during fall and spring semesters and summer breaks. 

Desired skills

  • Select desired competencies:

    • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving CT/PS
    • Oral/Written Communication O/WC
    • Teamwork/Collaboration T/C
    • Digital Technology DT
    • Leadership L
    • Professionalism/Work Ethic P/WE
    • Career Management CM
    • Global/Intercultural Fluency G/IF


  • Example (add career readiness competencies by tasks, as appropriate):

    • Work independently and efficiently; use available resources to direct guests. CT/PS
    • Serve as receptionist: answer multi line phone, greet and direct visitors.  Superior verbal and written communication skills O/WC, G/IF
    • Make campus deliveries. Provide clerical support, proofreading, photocopying, and filing. Work on additional projects as assigned. T/C
    • Use MS Word, Excel, multi-line phone system. Compile data using software programs. DT
    • Prioritize responsibilities to meet deadlines with successful completion of work. Ability to work inclusively in a diverse setting.  L, G/IF
    • Maintain confidentiality, be punctual, communicate changes in work schedule in advance. Appropriate attire as discussed for work environment. P/WE
    • Effectively communicate your skills and availability to perform this job in your letter of application. CM

Job functions*

  • Select from the drop-down menu.

How many students expected to hire

  • Select from the drop-down menu

Pay rate

Job location*

  • On Google maps

Required documents to apply

  • Resume recommended - may direct to your online application.

Applicant package recipients

  • Specify who should receive the applicant's information.

*Required fields for Handshake 

Please note that other fields are available in Handshake to allow you to narrow applicants by school year, GPA, major groups and colleges.

Mandatory Evaluation Process: 

Student performance will be evaluated after 30 days for new hires.  Students with continuous employment will be evaluated at the end of each semester.  See the following Performance Evaluation for Student Employees:

Community Service and Federal Work Study

To be considered employed in a community service job for Federal Work Study (FWS) purposes, the student does not have to provide a “direct” service. The student must provide services that are designed to improve the quality of life for community residents or to solve particular problems related to those residents’ needs.

There is no restriction as to whether these jobs must be on or off-campus. However, a university or college is not considered a community for the purposes of the FWS Program community service requirements. On-campus jobs can meet the definition of community services, provided that the services are designed to improve the quality of life for community residents, or to solve problems related to their needs, and that they meet the regulatory and statutory provisions pertaining to the applicable FWS program employment limitations and conditions. 

Questions about employing a WMU student can be addressed by calling (269) 387-2745.

Printable job description template