• Military and Veterans Affairs - This WMU office provides guidance and mentorship in a variety of areas, including but not limited to academic support and benefit support; and answers questions regarding WMU, the Veterans Administration and the campus community. It assists in creating a smooth transition from service to student by providing a multitude of resources.
  • Veterans' Guide to Getting Hired - job search tools, resume tips, and examples of successful resumes.
  • Veteran Employment Center - a national job search board, a skills translator to match military experience to civilian jobs, and transition resources.

Spend time with civilians and other veterans

Part of making a successful transition from military life to college life is immersing yourself in this new and different culture. Join the Student Veterans Association (SVA) to create new relationships with students that have served and participate in civilian based student events across campus.

Assume control of your college path

Arrive 15 minutes early to every event you are a part of. Don’t miss class, take notes and Study, study, study...give 100% priority to your studies.

Look for support

Every student needs support, regardless of his/her life situation. As a veteran, you have access to multiple means of support ranging from tutoring to advising and counseling services. Visit Office of Military and Veteran Affairs for a list of supportive resources.

Utilize your resources

There are a lot of resources to choose from as you may have seen from the link provided above. Career Services, Financial Aid, Health Care Options and a host of many other resources are available to you. Take advantage of them while you are here.

Take time to experience a little more

Attend sporting events, join a Registered Student Organization (RSO), see Broadway productions at Miller Auditorium, experience Bronco Bash, work out at the student recreational center - get engaged.

Engage with faculty and employers

Plan to participate in this engagement immediately. Take every opportunity to attend as many employer related events as possible. Visit Handshake for lists of employer related events. Also, make a priority to visit each of your instructors you have during their office hours.