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    High Impact

    Our graduates have an unsurpassed impact on individuals, families and communities.

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  • High Satisfaction

    The high touch careers we serve are built on the rewarding foundation of helping people every day.

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    High Demand

    In health care and helping professions, our graduates are truly in demand.

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    High Meaning

    Our graduates are preparing for meaningful work with our families and in our communities.

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Rethink Smart

Smart is helping people, and our graduates are out there helping in a big way, making a difference in their communities every day. At the College of Health and Human Services, we're here to prepare you for a career that is high in demand, high in meaning, high in satisfaction and unsurpassed in impact. So what's your purpose? What's your passion? We can help you find it.

Calls to action

The skills of our graduates and the importance of the professions we serve have been highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nurses and physician assistants are on the front lines. We rely on public health professionals for information to guide our daily activities. Physical therapistsoccupational therapists and speech-language pathologists are necessary to help rehabilitate those recovering from COVID-19.

Everything we do is aimed at helping you succeed. If you want to know how we can help you find an amazing career or participate in incredible research, just ask us.

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Student Services

In-person learning is suspended on Nov. 18. Student services are still available virtually to help you finish your semester strongly.

Advisors are available, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Virtual Walk-in Wednesdays all semester long! 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The College of Health and Human Services has released a Statement on Race and Antiracism. We announce a proactive stance on race and antiracism and propose measurable actions to work against racism in support of all of our students.


The CHHS Committee on Diversity and Inclusion meets monthly. Along with staff and faculty representatives from each unit in the college, the committee includes student representatives to ensure that student voices are heard.

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News and Events

Child Welfare Series 2021 | The Pot is Boiling Over. Can you Hear It?

Date: Aug. 6
Time: 10:00am

This training provides an opportunity for child welfare workers, and those that work with children, to identify issues within the process related to white privilege, racism, implicit bias and power which impacts their ability to provide positive outcomes for all involved. CE's Offered: 3 Social Work

2020 Impact Report

2020 Impact Report

Learn what our staff, faculty and students are doing. Read about the ways they are affecting the professions they have chosen. See the ways they are impacting our communities.


Congratulations Retirees

Congratulations Retirees!

Traditionally, the college has recognized its retirees at its year-end gathering. However, because of the University's shutdown in spring 2020 due to COVID-19, that all-hands meeting did not occur as usual. So we celebrate them here, and thank them all for years of dedication to our students, to the college, and to WMU.

Continuing Education at CHHS


The College of Health and Human Services offers a variety of virtual and in-person continuing education programs relevant to health care and human service professionals in numerous fields. Discounted rates are often available for WMU students.

Click the links in the calendar to the right for more information.

If you are a CHHS faculty member and are interested in developing CE programs, contact Lisa Brennan at lisa.brennan@wmich.edu.

Advocating for Older Foster Youth’s Educational Needs

Date: May. 20
Time: 10:00am

Understanding the systems that support youth, positively and negatively, allow parents, relatives, caseworkers, staff, mentors and other supportive adults to effectively engage and advocate for meaningful outcomes that are youth focused. CE's offered: 3 Social Work

Child Welfare Series 2021 | Going Beyond Self- Care: Working with Trauma

Date: Jul. 14
Time: 1:00pm

In this course, you will begin to understand how witnessing trauma or experiencing your own trauma will impact you. You will learn the signs of compassion fatigue and burnout for yourself and other workers. You will have an opportunity to explore your own skill set in relation to self- care and will practice at least two activities that can be incorporated into your daily self- care practice. Trainer: Jessica Gladden, Ph.d LMSW. CE offered: 3 SW