Rawlinson Center

Image of the Richard Rawlinson Center.

Richard Rawlinson Center

The Richard Rawlinson Center for Anglo-Saxon Studies and Manuscript Research, a research center under the aegis of the Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University, fosters teaching and research in the history and culture of Anglo-Saxon England and in the broader field of manuscript studies.

The Center sponsored three sessions at the 53rd International Congress on Medieval Studies (2018): "Commemorating Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians (d. 918)," featuring the Richard Rawlinson Center Congress speaker, Michael Wood, "Women in Tenth-Century England," organized by Rebecca Hardie (Univ. Göttingen), and "Æthelflaed in Post-Medieval Literature," organized by Rebecca Barnhouse (Youngstown State Univ.).

The 2019 Richard Rawlinson Center Congress speaker is Donald G. Scrag.