Pre-business Major

If you’re not quite sure yet what specific area suits your goals the best, that's okay with us. Once you become a student at Western Michigan University's Haworth College of Business, you'll have an opportunity to explore many industries during your first four semesters. Every undergraduate business student at Western starts as a pre-business major before declaring a specialized major at the end of your sophomore year. Take your time and explore your ambitions with us.

Pride points

  • $55,001-$65,000 median salary for Haworth College of Business graduates

    2021-22 Career Outcomes Report

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  • 97% of Haworth College of Business graduates had at least one instructor who made them excited about learning

    2021-22 Career Outcomes Report

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  • 95% of WMU Haworth graduates are working or continuing their education quickly after earning their degrees

    2021-22 Career Outcomes Report

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What is the pre-business program?

As a pre-business major, you will take foundational courses that offer a broad introduction to business. You will also complete the Student Professional Readiness Series, which provides another avenue for exploring your interests.

After completing the pre-business curriculum during your first and second years, you will apply to the professional business program and officially declare one of 16 specialized majors offered by the Haworth College of Business. Minors are also available as part of earning your business degree.

What will I study during this four-semester program?

Our pre-business program will allow you to take introductory courses in general business, information systems, accountancy, finance, marketing and management. 


  • Video of Welcome to WMU Haworth from Dean Satish Deshpande
  • We believe learning through experience is the best way to find your fit for a future career. Our pre-business students have many real-world learning opportunities so they can make confident and informed decisions on which direction to take by their second year.

    Dr. Satish Deshpande, dean

Resources for pre-business students

If you can’t decide which area of business best suits your particular strengths and set of skills, don't worry. The Haworth College of Business offers cocurricular opportunities, such as the Business Externship Program, business-related student organizations and a variety of career readiness events to explore your interests more in depth.

Female student at Haworth Business College, in a classroom.

Are there scholarships available for pre-business majors?

Yes, there are a number of scholarships available for students enrolled in the Haworth College of Business. We encourage you to apply for all scholarships that match your interests, career goals and financial or academic needs.

What have other business students achieved?

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