Bronco Spotlight: Lissette Reyes

Photo of Lissette Reyes

Master of Arts in international development administration, 2018

Current Job Title:

Community Communications Coordinator

Current Employer:

Housing North in Traverse City

Describe your current job:

I’m responsible to engage citizens, local governments and organizations to support housing for all income levels in Northwest Michigan. I analyze data and information to support legislative advocacy, develop marketing material,  provide support to local groups who are trying to encourage the development of housing for their citizens in their communities. I also manage a housing campaign named “Homes for our Future” with our Executive Director. The campaign supports regional housing advocacy and provides specific steps to encourage action in small communities. Housing is currently constraining economic development so a lot of my day to day is demonstrating with information why housing for everyone it’s important.    

What is the most rewarding and the most challenging part of your job? 

The most rewarding part of my work is that it matters and positively impacts people across the board! I chose the Master in International Development Administration because I wanted to make a difference and this job, allows me to do that! Furthermore, I continue to apply everything I learned in the classroom from planning development projects or community programs to my classes of public administration, interacting with local government. I’ve felt that everyday in my job, it’s a reassurance that I picked the right field of study and work and that my time at WMU every day pays off more and more.  

The most challenging part is being okay with the fact that change takes time. We have to devote and dedicate ourselves everyday in understanding that to stay motivated and encourage others to follow us and our purpose! But the rewards of my work are always greater than any level of challenge.

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