Dr. Massood Atashbar with WMU students Devin Birchfield, Thomas Pasternak and Xavier Jackson

Engineering students move research in the right direction

Western Michigan University engineering students were introduced this year to the emerging field of flexible hybrid electronics, an innovative process that combines elements of the electronics industry with that of the high-precision printing industry.

Sunway University to success in America

For Anand Sankey, the journey from Sunway University in Malaysia to success in the United States started with a long layover at Western Michigan University’s catering services department.

Game development class offers new use for programming skills

Pac-Man is back for a new generation, but this time, Western Michigan University students are telling Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde when and where to get their yellow nemesis. And they're doing it for credit towards their computer science degrees.

Young entrepreneurs pitch products at Innovation Expo

If Josh Colwell, Larry Fisher and Kyle Joslin’s invention takes off, they will save millions of restaurant workers from painful burns. Colwell, Fisher and Joslin entered the Inferno Apron, created for their class, Industrial and Entrepreneurial Engineering 3010: Product and Service Design, in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences’ 2019 Innovation Expo where they took first place in their division.