Readmission Policy

Graduate students who have been academically dismissed from the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences or other WMU departments may apply for readmission. The Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences has rolling admissions for all graduate programs; thus, students may apply for admission at any time. However, students seeking readmission should submit the online application at least six weeks ahead of enrollment deadlines. Once all the required components of the application have been received/processed by WMU and attached to the online application, the student file will be considered complete and then forwarded to the Graduate Admissions Committee for review. The review process takes three weeks. Once the GAC has reached a decision, the student will be notified immediately. If accepted, the student will then need to make an appointment with the departmental graduate advisor, Dr. Peter Voice, to complete readmission paperwork. Once the university processes this paperwork and the academic status has been changed, the student will then need to make another appointment with the graduate advisor to enroll in courses. All of this must take place ahead of enrollment deadlines.

The department has adopted the following readmission policies and procedures:

  • Students seeking readmission will only be considered for the M.A. in Earth Sciences degree program or the Certificate Program in Applied Hydrogeology.
  • Students seeking readmission must wait one full semester after being academically dismissed from their current program before beginning coursework in the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences.
  • Applications for readmission will only be accepted through the online system. Only complete applications will be considered. To apply, click here.
  • Applications received less than three weeks before the final day of the open enrollment add/drop period will only be considered for enrollment starting in the following academic semester or summer session.
  • Students applying for readmission will be held to the same admission requirements as new graduate applicants. For program-specific admission requirements please see: Graduate Programs or Certificate Programs.
  • Students may re-submit materials from their original graduate study application, such as undergraduate transcripts, resume or CV, and letters of support. However, students must submit a new written statement pertaining to graduate study in the selected program, and a supplemental program application form.
  • All readmitted students will be subject to the condition of maintaining a GPA of 3.0 or higher in the first academic semester of study following readmission. Other admission conditions, such as coursework deficiencies, will be determined by the Graduate Admissions Committee.
  • Students may only be admitted or readmitted to Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences graduate degree programs by a majority vote of the GAC. The vote will be tallied by the GAC chairperson, Dr. Dan Cassidy, and reported to the graduate advisor. If the GAC votes to readmit a student, the graduate advisor may approve the readmission.