Faculty and Staff Research Specialties

The faculty and research staff in the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences at Western Michigan University perform a wide-range of geosciences research. From geomorphology to the study of Mars' hydrology, our faculty actively contribute to today's most pressing environmental conversations.



  • Peter Voice: Sedimentology, provenance analysis
  • Joyashish Thakurta: Economic geology, high-temperature geochemistry, sulfur isotope geochemistry, Precambrian geology of the upper-Midwestern U.S., crustal evolution and magmatism in convergent tectonic settings
    Learn more: Economic Geology Laboratory

Research Staff

  • John Yellich: Mineral exploration and development, environmental geology and brownfields projects, groundwater assessments and remediation
    Learn more: Michigan Geological Survey
  • Andrew Caruthers: Mass extinction/radiation events, paleo-climate change and paleo-environmental biogeochemistry, subsurface lithostratigraphic correlation