Career Guidance

The Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences at Western Michigan University wants all of our graduates to have successful and rewarding careers. Below are some resources and opportunities that might interest you as you begin your job search.

Geosciences Advising

The faculty and staff in the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences care deeply about the success of our students and are a rich source of knowledge about their field. The first step to learning more about your chosen career path is to make an appointment with your advisor. Your advisor will also be able to refer to you faculty members and department and university resources that might prove useful. You are also encouraged to consult our Faculty and Staff Research Specialties page to find department members who share your interests. To this end, you can also browse our department directory to learn more about each member's research interests, educational background and professional background. Once you find members of the department who share your interests, consider emailing them to arrange a meeting, at which time you can ask them about their experiences and seek advice on how to pursue your own aspirations.

the Geosciences Advisory Council

The Geosciences Advisory Council is comprised of distinguished industry and academic professionals. In addition to helping to strengthen and support the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, the council also has a vested interest in preparing students for employment and leadership roles. To this end, the council has prepared a comprehensive list of recommendations regarding how to find job listings, create a resume and cover letter and prepare for interviews. This geosciences-specific resource is invaluable for students who are preparing to be or are already on the job market.

WMU Career and Student Employment Services

For career related assistance, visit Career and Student Employment Services in 1401 Ellsworth Hall. They offer a wide variety of professional development services, including advising, all of which are designed to help  you find jobs/internships, create resumes and prepare for interviews. To learn more about the services they provide, explore the following links: campus employment, career advising (appointments and 20-minute drop in sessions are both available), develop skills, explore careers, find a job, find an internship, international employment/internship opportunities, resources for international students, resume and interview preparation, WMU Career Development Guide

American Geosciences Institute

The American Geosciences Institute is a long-trusted source for information about the field of geosciences. Each year, they put together a Workforce Report which compiles information of high value to graduates going out onto the job market. In addition to this report, their website also contains a vast amount of useful information that will help you develop professionally.

2017 Workforce Report: Status of Recent Geosciences Graduates

  • Statistics regarding recent graduates’: Education levels, citizenship status, race/ethnicity, age, degree earned, gender, average GPA, average length to complete to degree program, etc.
  • Outline of industries where graduating students have accepted jobs within geosciences.
  • Job placement statistics for graduates pursuing employment within the geosciences; statistics include starting salaries, job locations, industries hired into, etc.
  • Job placement statistics for graduates pursuing employment outside the geosciences; statistics include: Industries where graduating students have accepted a job outside the geosciences, starting salaries, etc.

Career Resources:


  • Funding opportunities, annual salary, examples of fields where geosciences find employment


  • Careers in the geosciences, future of geosciences jobs, workforce trends, advice from professional geoscientists, how to network and where, useful resources, question and answer section at end.