Share Your Work

Western Michigan University celebrates faculty and student success in research and innovation.  From new fellowships, grants, and partnerships to new journal publications, book releases, society memberships and technologies -- we want to know.  There are several avenues to highlight your accomplishments at WMU.  


Additionally bargaining unit faculty have funds available to them through the Research Policies Council of the Faculty Senate to cover certain kinds of expenses for dissemination, such as printing posters, paying permission fees for images, subventing publication costs, traveling to present at conferences, and more. After you have completed your research and creative activity and expended funds to support dissemination, you may submit appropriate documentation for the reimbursement of eligible costs.

Publication of Papers and Exhibition of Creative Works

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If your expenses are eligible, submit your application and your receipts via email for reimbursement.

Faculty Research Travel Fund

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For travel expenses, be sure to complete the appropriate travel authorization before traveling! Then submit your application and receipts within 30 days of returning from a travel event for reimbursement

Other Resources

  • ScholarWorks

    The official digital repository for Western Michigan University features global access to journals housed at the University, archives of conference proceedings such as the International Congress on Medieval Studies, as well as custom research products developed in tandem with experts at the University Libraries.

  • Books and Beer

    The University Center for the Humanities celebrates faculty productivity with “Books & Beer,” a once-per-semester convivial event featuring books....and beer.

Spring Convocation

This ORI event features newly funded researchers, FRACAA posters, a Fulbright workshop, and an awards ceremony.