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Assess where you are and where you want to be

Should I hire a career coach?

Career coaches can be helpful when you want to move to a new employer, change industries or career path, or evaluate your marketability. 

How do I work with an executive search firm?

Executive search firms expect you to be a highly skilled, solid professional who is able to communicate in writing and in person. 

What about working for yourself?

Maintain and build your professional network

Stay relevant in your field

Do I need to go back to school?

Sharpen your skills where you are

Investigate the opportunities for professional development. Your community, library, and local community colleges or universities also offer some free evening lectures, classes, speakers, and seminars.  

Regularly update your job search materials and practice interviewing

One size fits all doesn’t work in the job market. Your application materials, interview content and even your reference list should be customized to match with the job you are applying for and the company or organization offering the job. 

  • Learn and practice the STAR behavioral interviewing method with Big Interview.
  • To access the Big Interview alumni site, visit and use the code wmua112 (all lowercase)

What should a resume look like in the current job market?

What resources can help with a long distance job search?

Salary and benefit considerations