Student Systems Security Officers

There are six security officers with responsibilities for different offices around campus. The list below indicates which security officer is responsible for a given department or offices.

Upon completion of the online form and approval of your supervisor, your request will be forwarded electronically to the appropriate security officer for your area.


Area Name Email Address Phone
Accounts Receivable Meily Lightcap (269) 387-4224
Admissions Mike Roe (269) 387-4969
Division of Student Affairs Scott Weber (269) 387-3561
Financial Aid Jeremy Glefke (269) 387-6172
Office of Information Technology Tim LaLonde (269) 387-3808
Registrar's Office Jim Bronson (269) 387-4310









Department or Office

Department/Office Security Area
Academic Technology & Instructional Services Registrar
Accountancy Registrar
Accounting Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable
Admissions Admissions
Advising, College of Arts & Sciences Registrar
Advising, College of Aviation Registrar
Advising, College of Business Registrar
Advising, College of Education & Human Development Registrar
Advising, College of Engineering & Applied Sciences Registrar
Advising, College of Health & Human Services Registrar
Africana Studies Registrar
Anthropology Registrar
Auxiliary Enterprises—Application Development Accounts Receivable
Auxiliary Enterprises—Computer Support Accounts Receivable
Auxiliary Enterprises—General Administration Accounts Receivable
Auxiliary Enterprises—Marketing Accounts Receivable
Aviation Sciences Registrar
Bernhard Center DOSA
Biological Sciences Registrar
Blindness Low Vision Studies Registrar
Bronco Express Financial Aid
Business Info Systems Registrar
Business Services Accounts Receivable
Career English Language Center Registrar
Career/Student Employment Services DOSA
Center for Academic Support Programs Registrar
Chemistry Registrar
Civil/Construction Engineering Registrar
Comparative Religion Registrar
Computer Science Registrar
Construction, Materials & Industrial Design Registrar
Counseling & Testing Center DOSA
Counselor Education & Counselor Psychology Registrar
Customer Account Services Accounts Receivable
Dance Registrar
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences Registrar
Dean, College of Aviation Registrar
Dean, College of Business Registrar
Dean, College of Education & Human Development Registrar
Dean, College of Engineering & Applied Sciences Registrar
Dean, College of Fine Arts Registrar
Dean, College of Health & Human Services Registrar
Development Office Registrar
Disabled Student Resources & Services Registrar
Division of Multicultural Affairs Registrar
Division of Student Affairs--IT DOSA
Economics Registrar
Educational Leadership, Research, and Technology Registrar
Electrical & Computer Engineering Registrar
English Registrar
Environmental Studies Registrar
Evaluation Center Registrar
Extended University Programs Registrar
Faculty Senate Registrar
Family & Consumer Science Registrar
Fetzer Center Accounts Receivable
Finance & Commercial Law Registrar
First Year Experience Admissions
Foreign Languages Registrar
Frostic School Of Art Registrar
Geography Registrar
Geosciences Registrar
Graduate College Registrar
Grants & Contracts Accounts Receivable
Haenicke Institute For Global Education Registrar
Health, Physical Education & Recreation Registrar
History Registrar
Human Resources Accounts Receivable
Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering Registrar
Institutional Research Registrar
Intercollegiate Athletics Registrar
Internal Audit Accounts Receivable
Lawson Ice Arena Accounts Receivable
Lee Honors College Registrar
Management Registrar
Marketing Registrar
Mathematics Registrar
Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering Registrar
Medieval Institute Registrar
Military Science Registrar
Miller Auditorium Accounts Receivable
Music Registrar
Occupational Therapy Registrar
Office of Alumni Relations Registrar
Office of Diversity and Inclusion Registrar
Office of Information Technology OIT
Office of Institutional Equity Registrar
Office of International Student Services Registrar
Office of Marketing Strategic Communications Registrar
Office of Residence Life DOSA
Office of Student Conduct DOSA
Office of The President Registrar
Office of the Registrar Registrar
Office of University Budgets Accounts Receivable
Orientation Admissions
Paper/Chemical Engineering/Imaging Registrar
Paper/Printing Pilot Plant Accounts Receivable
Parent & Family Program DOSA
Payroll Accounts Receivable
Philosophy Registrar
Physical Plant Registrar
Physician Assistant/SPADA Registrar
Physics Registrar
Political Science Registrar
Provost & VP Academic Affairs Registrar
Psychology Registrar
Public Affairs & Administration Registrar
Public Safety Accounts Receivable
School of Communication Registrar
School of Nursing Registrar
Science Education Registrar
Sindecuse Health Center DOSA
Social Work Registrar
Sociology Registrar
Spanish Registrar
Special Education & Literacy Studies Registrar
Speech Pathology & Audiology Registrar
Statistics Registrar
Student Activities/Leadership DOSA
Student Ambassadors Admissions
Student Financial Aid Financial Aid
Teacher Certification Office Registrar
Teaching, Learning & Educational Studies Registrar
The Oaklands Accounts Receivable
Theatre Registrar
University Dining Services DOSA
University Libraries Accounts Receivable
University Recreational Programs DOSA
VP Business And Finance Accounts Receivable
VP Legislative Affairs Registrar
VP Student Affairs DOSA
West Hills Athletic Club Accounts Receivable
Western Herald DOSA
WMU Apartments DOSA
WMU Bookstore Accounts Receivable
WMUK Radio Accounts Receivable