Quick Start Guide - Student

Degree Works helps you clearly see your progress towards graduation and can also help if you would like to change your major. Degree Works is, however, only a tool and not a replacement for your advisor. You should make it a point to meet with your advisor on an annual basis to discuss your future and what classes you will need in order to graduate. Your advisor will use Degree Works as a tool to help you plan your path.

Degree Works only contains information for currently enrolled students who are using the 2010 undergraduate catalog and later. It is not considered an academic transcript.

The degree works report is an unofficial document and is not an official notification of completion of degree requirements. You are encouraged to use this report as a guide when planning your progress toward degree completion. Students are responsible for complying with all academic policies in the Western Michigan University catalogs, including any requirements that may not be included in this report.

To access Degree Works, log in to goWMU with your Bronco NetID and password at go.wmich.edu.

  1. Click the "Apps" navigation item in the top menu bar.
  2. Scroll down to the "For students" app list and select the "Degree Works" link. Note: You can also reach the login page by using goWMU's search bar. Simply search “Degree Works” and click the https://go.wmich.edu/s/article/DegreeWorks-student article. 
  3. Choose a tab:
  • Worksheets tab: Displays different views of the student degree audits (default view).
  • Plans tab: Used to create a plan for degree completion.
  • GPA Calculators tab: Aids in setting GPA goals.

The next section is a demographic block. The information that is contained here is pulled directly from the student information system. If you find an error, please contact your academic advisor.

The Legend helps by giving you a visual of what is complete, nearly complete or remains an outstanding requirement.

Each of the larger segments listed (i.e., major/minor requirements, general education requirements, proficiencies, and distribution area, etc.) has its own heading further down the screen, with lists of the specific classes required to complete that section.

If you require help using Degree Works, please see your academic advisor or contact the Registrar's Office.