College of Arts and Sciences Programs


Code Title
AASJ African American and African Studies 
ANTJ Anthropology
CMUJ Communication Studies
CJSJ Criminal Justice Studies 
DMJJ Digital Media and Journalism 
ECLJ Economics
ELLJ English: Literature and Language
ENCJ English: Creative Writing
RWSJ English: Rhetoric and Writing Studies
ESSJ Environmental and Sustainability Studies
FVMJ Film, Video, and Media Studies
FHLJ French
GNWJ Gender and Women's Studies 
GRLJ German
GBLJ Global and International Studies
HYLJ History
HYSJ History: Secondary Education
IPCJ Interpersonal Communication
JPNJ Japanese 
LTLJ Latin
LTSJ Latin: Secondary Education
MHLJ Mathematics
PHIJ Philosophy
PHPJ Philosophy: Professional and Applied Ethics
PSLJ Political Science
PPPJ Political Science: American Public Policy
PPIJ Political Science: International and Comparative Politics
PPLJ Political Science: Public Law
PUHJ Public History
RELJ Religion
SPYJ Social Psychology
SSTJ Social Studies 
SOCJ Sociology
SPLJ Spanish
SCOJ Strategic Communication 
SCIJ Strategic Communication: Diversity and Inclusion 
SCLJ Strategic Communication: Leadership and Teamwork 
SCMJ Strategic Communication: Media and Technology 
SCPJ Strategic Communication: Public Relations
SPMJ Student Planned Major
MHTJ Teaching and Learning Mathematics
TOUJ Tourism and Travel


Code Title
ECBJ Economics


Code Title
MAAJ Applied Mathematics
BCHJ Biochemistry
BYLJ Biology
BMLJ Biomedical Sciences
BUCJ Business-Oriented Chemistry
CHLJ Chemistry
CHCJ Chemistry: ACS Certified 
CRPJ Community and Regional Planning
DSCJ Data Science 
ERLJ Earth Science
ECNJ Economics: BS Program 
EGYJ Environmental Geography
EVGJ Environmental Geology 
ESSJ Environmental and Sustainability Studies 
FSSJ Freshwater Science and Sustainability 
GCMJ Geochemistry
GISJ Geographic Information Science
GGRJ Geography: Regional
GELJ Geology
GEPJ Geophysics
HYGJ Hydrogeology
ISCJ Integrated Science 
MHLJ Mathematics
PHLJ Physics
PYCJ Psychology 
PUNJ Public and Nonprofit Administration 
STAJ Statistics
SPMJ Student Planned Major
SBRJ Sustainable Brewing 
SBOJ Sustainable Brewing: Operations
MHTJ Teaching and Learning Mathematics
UREJ Urban, Regional and Environmental Planning

Active Minors

Code Title
AASN African American and African Studies 
ANTN Anthropology
ARBN Arabic
ASNN Asian Studies
ASTN Astronomy
BSCN Biological Sciences
CNSN Canadian Studies 
CHLN Chemistry
CNLN Chinese
CLSN Classical Studies 
CCSN Climate Change Studies 
CMLN Communication
CJSN Criminal Justice Studies 
DSCN Data Science
ERLN Earth Science
ECLN Economics
ELEN Elementary Language Arts
ELLN English: Literature and Language 
RWSN English: Rhetoric and Writing Studies 
ENWN English: Writing Emphasis
ESSN Environmental Studies 
FDSN Film and Digital Storytelling
FHLN French
GNWN Gender and Women's Studies 
GGIN Geographic Information Science 
GGLN Geography
GSON Social Studies: Geography
GELN Geology
GRLN German
GRAN German Study Abroad 
GBLN Global and International Studies
SCIN Group Science
HYLN History
HSON Social Studies: History 
JPNN Japanese
JNLN Journalism
LTLN Latin
LTSN Latin: Secondary Education
LLAN Latinx and Latin American Studies 
LGSN Legal Studies 
MHLN Mathematics
MALN Mathematics: Actuarial Sciences
MHSN Mathematics: Secondary Education
MEVN Medieval Studies
MEUN Modern European Studies
MHUN Medical Humanities
NPAN Nonprofit Administration 
PHIN Philosophy
PHPN Philosophy: Professional and Applied Ethics
PHLN Physics
POLN Political Science
PSSN Political Science (Social Studies: Secondary Ed major)
PSYN Psychology
PUAN Public Administration
PUHN Public History
RERN Race and Ethnic Relations 
RELN Religion
SOCN Sociology
SOPN Sociology: Social Psychology
SPLN Spanish
STAN Statistics
UXHN User Experience/Human-Computer Interaction
WLTN World Literature

Active Undergraduate Certificate Programs (UCP)

Code Title
HYGF Applied Hydrogeology 
SCIF Diversity and Inclusion 
SCLF Leadership and Teamwork 
SCMF Media and Technology 
SCPF Public Relations

Active Master of Arts (M.A.) Programs

Code Title
ANTM Anthropology
AECM Applied Economics
AECQ Applied Economics (Accelerated)
AEDM Applied Economics: Economic Development
AESM Applied Economics: Statistics and Econometrics
BISQ Biological Sciences (Accelerated
BISM Biological Sciences 
CHAQ Chemistry (Accelerated
COMM Communication
COMQ Communication (Accelerated
CORM Comparative Religion
CORQ Comparative Religion (Accelerated
CJSM Criminal Justice Studies
CJSQ Criminal Justice Studies (Accelerated)
ENLM English
ENLQ English (Accelerated
ENWM English: Professional Writing
ENTM English: Teaching
GGYM Geography 
HSDM Hispanic Studies 
HSDQ Hispanic Studies (Accelerated
HSTM History
HSTQ History (Accelerated
HSPM History: Public History
HSPQ History: Public History (Accelerated
CHAM MA in Chemistry
MTHM Mathematics
MTHQ Mathematics (Accelerated
MEDM Mathematics Education
MEVM Medieval Studies
MEVQ Medieval Studies (Accelerated
PHIM Philosophy
PHYM Physics
PSCM Political Science
PSCQ Political Science (Accelerated
PYBM Psychology: Behavioral Analysis
PYOM Psychology: Industrial/Organizational Behavior Management 
SCIM Science Education
SOCM Sociology
SOCQ Sociology (Accelerated
SCHM Spirituality, Culture and Health

Active Master of Development Administration (M.D.A.) Programs

Code Title
IDVM International Development Administration

Active Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) Programs

Code Title
CRWM Creative Writing: MFA

Active Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) Programs

Code Title
PUAM Public Administration
PUAQ Public Administration (Accelerated

Active Master of Science (M.S.) Programs

Code Title
ACMM Applied & Computational Mathematics
BSCM Biological Sciences
BSCQ Biological Sciences (Accelerated)
CHMM Chemistry
DSCM Data Science 
DSCQ Data Science (Accelerated
GGYQ Geography (Accelerated
GESM Geosciences
ERMM Master of Science in Earth Science 
ERMQ Master of Science in Earth Science (Accelerated
STAM Statistics
STAQ Statistics (Accelerated)

Active Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Programs

Code Title
AECD Applied Economics
BSCD Biological Sciences
CHMD Chemistry
ENLD English
ENCD English: Creative Writing
IEVD Evaluation
GESD Geosciences: Hydrogeology
HSTD History
ISLD Interdisciplinary Studies
MTHD Mathematics
MEDD Mathematics Education
PHYD Physics
PSCD Political Science
PYBD Psychology: Behavior Analysis
PYCD Psychology: Clinical Psychology
PYID Psychology: Industrial/Organizational Behavior Management
PUAD Public Administration
SCID Science Education
SCBD Science Education: Biological Sciences 
SCCD Science Education: Chemistry 
SCGD Science Education: Geosciences 
SPGD Science Education: Physical Geography 
SCPD Science Education: Physics 
SOCD Sociology
SPND Spanish
STAD Statistics


Code Title
ASTC Applied Statistics
BSTC Biostatistics 
CSTC College Science Teaching 
CEHC Cultural and Environmental Heritage Management 

Climate Change Policy and Management 

GISC Geographic Information Science
UASC Geospatial Applications of Unoccupied Aircraft Systems 
HYLC History
HYDC Hydrogeology
SCHC Spirituality, Culture and Health 
TGVC Tribal Governance
UGEC UAVs Applications in Geological and Environmental Services