April 13, 2015

Reverse transfer

Western Michigan University has reverse transfer agreements in place with all 28 Michigan community colleges. Through reverse transfer students can receive an associate degree by combining credits completed at WMU with credits earned at the community college.

On March 31 the Registrar's Office sent an email to 263 students eligible for review under reverse transfer. Student eligibility is based on the number of credits completed at WMU and the number of credits transferred from the partnering community college. A total of 1,925 former community college students have been contacted by WMU since our first reverse transfer agreement was signed in 2012.

Additional information on reverse transfer and a list of our current partners can be found on the Registrar's Office website.

Degree Works tip of the week

Degree Works pulls information directly from Banner. Degree Works worksheets are refreshed nightly with any changes that are made in Banner, such as registration and program changes.

If you are working with a student and don't want to wait until the next day to see a change you have the ability to refresh manually by clicking the refresh icon. The refresh icon is found at the top of the worksheet to the right of the Last Refresh box. When you click on the refresh icon a dialog box will appear asking if you want to refresh again now; click OK to confirm. The next dialog box will tell you the student was refreshed. You will notice that the date and time in the Last Refresh box will change to the current day and time. Once the refresh is complete be sure to "Process New" to see the changes in the worksheet.

Spring commencement RSVP

Please remind students graduating this semester to reserve their commencement tickets by Wednesday, April 22 if they plan to attend the graduation ceremony. The RSVP form can be found in GoWMU. Students can also RSVP by calling the Registrar's Office at (269) 387-4300. Reserved tickets will be available for pick up in the WMU Bookstore in Textbook Alley.

Upcoming dates

  • April 27 through May 1—Final Exam week
  • Saturday, May 2—Commencement
  • Tuesday, May 5—Spring grades due by noon