May 11, 2015

The summer I session started today at 8 a.m. Students have until the end of the day Friday to add or drop a summer I course. The official census count will be taken at the end of the day on Monday, May 18. Please make every effort to ensure that all students attending summer I courses are registered in Banner so they can be accurately reflected in our census counts.

Summer I waitlist

Waitlist notification will be turned off Thursday morning for the summer I session. Any student still remaining on a waitlist will be removed Friday afternoon. If you would like to print a list of students waitlisted in a section prior to Friday you can do so in Banner on the SFAWLPR form.

New student system security access forms

The Registrar's Office has released three new updated security access forms for student information systems. The forms for Banner Academic Area access and Banner International Student Services have been updated to include new information and to remove information that is no longer needed. Cognos, Degree Works, ImageNow and WebNow forms have been replaced by a single form to cut down on the amount of paperwork required. All three forms are in fillable PDF format and can be accessed in GoWMU on the Faculty/Staff Tab by clicking on the Student System Security Access Center link.


In preparation for the start of freshman orientation, the 2015 Student Success Guide is now available. The Student Success Guide includes general information about FERPA, the registration process, Degree Works, academic calendar, information on grades and grading, a glossary of terms and other items of interest.

Guest application

WMU students planning to attend another institution as a guest student over the summer can apply using a guest application. If the student is seeking enrollment at a Michigan college or university they can complete a Michigan Undergraduate Guest Application. Students can access the guest application in GoWMU by clicking on the Academic Services link. The application will be filled in automatically with all the required information, including the WMU seal and the registrar's signature. The student only needs to print, sign and mail the application to the guest school. The application can also be found on the Registrar's Office website.

Students not using the GoWMU version will need to bring the application to the Registrar's Office to have part two of the form completed. All students interested in taking a course over the summer at a guest institution should contact that institution to determine if additional requirements are required for admission or enrollment. Students must arrange to have a transcript of any credits earned from the guest institution sent back to WMU upon the completion of the semester or session.