February 28, 2016

Fall 2016 registration

We are in the final two days of priority registration for the fall semester with freshmen eligible to register today and tomorrow. Fall registration continues this week with juniors and sophomores eligible to register. The registration schedule for the week is as follows:

DayDateLevelCredit Hours
(or above)
Monday March 28 Freshmen 18 8 a.m.
Monday March 28 Freshmen 14 Noon
Tuesday March 29 Freshmen 12 8 a.m.
Tuesday March 29 Freshmen 0 Noon

Spring 2016 grading

Grading for the Spring 2016 semester will open this week. Grades are due no later than noon on Tuesday, May 3. As a reminder, instructors are required to provide the date a student last attended class, when the student is receiving a grade of "E" or "X". If attendance information is not available, the instructor can use the last date of recorded academic activity. It is important that the date provided be as accurate as possible since it will be used to determine student awards and refunds. Instructors will be prompted to enter a valid date that is between the start and end date of the semester before final grades can be submitted. In cases where the student does not come to even one class session or does not complete any work, the first day of the semester (January 11) should be used.

Floyd Hall

The building which houses the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences was recently renamed in honor of Dr. Elson Floyd.  Banner has been updated to reflect the name change effective summer I.
Students, when looking at the course offerings or their individual schedule, will see Floyd Hall as the building along with the appropriate room number. 
Questions about the name change in Banner should be directed to Laura Thomas.


Not all holds on a student's account prevent registration. There are a few holds applied for internal purposes only, including employer and student payment plan holds. If you are unsure if a hold will keep a student from registering for classes, you can check the hold type validation table in Banner (STVHLDD). A check mark will be listed under the items the hold will prevent (registration, transcripts, etc.).

Guest applications

WMU students planning to attend another institution as a guest student over the summer can apply using a guest application.  If the student is seeking enrollment at a Michigan college or university, they can complete a Michigan Undergraduate Guest Application.  Students can access the guest application in GoWMU.  The application will be filled in automatically with all the required information, including the WMU seal and the registrar's signature.   The student only needs to print, sign and mail the application to the guest school.  The application can also be found online.

Students using the non-GoWMU version will need to bring the application to the Registrar’s Office to have part II of the form completed.   All students interested in taking a course over the summer at a guest institution should contact that institution to determine if additional requirements are required for admission or enrollment.  Students must arrange to have a transcript sent of any credit earned from the guest institution back to WMU upon the completion of the semester/session.st applications.

Upcoming dates

  •  Apr. 25 - 29—Final exam week
  • Saturday, Apr. 30—Commencement
  • Tuesday, May 3—Final grades are due by noon