July 25, 2016

Last day to withdraw

Today is the last day students will be able to withdraw from a Summer II course.  Students can withdraw through GoWMU until 11:59 pm. tonight.  If they are unable to access the registration system due to a hold on their account, they can withdraw in the Registrar's Office.   If the student is not on campus, please have them contact our office at 269-387-4300 for assistance.

After tonight, withdrawal from a course will only be permitted through the hardship panel withdrawal process of GAPDAC. Documentation will be required and the Hardship Panel will determine if a hardship exists and whether a withdrawal is warranted. Students initiate this process through the Ombudsman’s Office.

Reverse transfer

The Registrar's Office recently sent an email to 97 students eligible for review under reverse transfer. Student eligibility is based on the number of credits completed at WMU and the number of credits transferred from the partnering community college. Over 2,600 former community college students have been contacted by WMU since our first reverse transfer agreement was signed in 2012.
Additional information on reverse transfer and a list of our current partners can be found on the Registrar's Office website.

FERPA and the Health and Safety Exception

The health or safety emergency exception of FERPA permits school officials to share relevant information with those parties whose knowledge of the information is necessary to provide immediate protection of the health or safety of the student or other individuals.

Typically, law enforcement officials, public health officials, and medical personnel are the types of parties to whom information may be disclosed to under this FERPA exception.  This exception does not allow for a blanket release of protected information; rather the release must be limited to the period of the emergency and to those individuals who have a need to know.

Upcoming Dates

  • July 25—Last day to receive 25% refund for a complete withdrawal; Last day to withdraw from classes
  • August 19—Term ends
  • August 23—Final grades due by noon