March 20, 2017

Fall 2017 registration

The registration schedule for the week is as follows:Fall registration opens this morning for graduate students. As a reminder, registration priority is based on credit hours earned. The schedule for this week is as follows:

Day Date Level Credit Hours
(or above)
Monday   Mar 20   Juniors    77   8 a.m.
Tuesday   Mar 21   Juniors   66   8 a.m.
Wednesday   Mar 22   Juniors   56   8 a.m.
Thursday   Mar 23   Sophomores   45   8 a.m.
Friday   Mar 24   Sophomores   36   8 a.m.
Friday   Mar 24   Sophomores   26   Noon

Priority registration goes through next Tuesday, March 28 when freshmen with zero credit hours can register starting at noon.

Last day to withdraw

Today is the last day students can withdraw from a spring semester course. Students will have access to withdraw through GoWMU until 11:59 p.m. tonight. Students who are unable to access the registration system due to a hold on their account can withdraw in the Registrar's Office. If the student is not on campus, please have them contact our office at (269) 387-4300 for assistance.

After tonight, withdrawal from a course will only be permitted through the hardship panel withdrawal process of GAPDAC. Documentation will be required and the Hardship Panel will determine if a hardship exists and whether a withdrawal is warranted. Students initiate this process through the Ombudsman’s Office.

midterm grading

Midterm grading ended last Monday for the spring semester. Midterm grades were reported in 1,103 sections (22% of sections offered this semester).  Thank you to the 612 instructors who took the time to submit a midterm grade this semester. 

Here is a breakdown of midterm grades submitted by college:

 College Total
Arts & Sciences   1,844   494   27%
Aviation   104   13   13%
Education   834   158   19%
Engineering   501   82   16%
Fine Arts   468   131   28%
Business   396   95   24%
H & HS   633   99   16%
Other   143   31   22%

Catalog proofs

Catalog proofs for the 2017-18 Undergraduate and Graduate online catalogs were sent to departments via email on March 6.  Departments are asked to please look the proofs over, indicate any editorial corrections, and return them to Laurie Foster in the Registrar’s Office no later than April 7.

Each change must be identifiable, so please mark changes clearly.  If you have any questions, please let Laurie know.  Laurie may be reached at 7-4306 or

Fun Facts

2,610 students registered during the first two days of fall 2017 registration.

Upcoming dates

  • Mar. 20—Last day to withdraw from classes
  • Apr. 24 - 28—Final exam week
  • Apr. 29—Semester ends; Commencement
  • May 2—Final grades due by noon