June 5, 2017

Last day to withdraw

Today is the last day students will be able to withdraw from a Summer I course. They can withdraw through GoWMU until 11:59 p.m. tonight. Students who are unable to access the registration system due to a hold on their account can withdraw in the Registrar's Office. If the student is not on campus, please have them contact our office at 269-387-4300 for assistance.

After tonight, withdrawal from a course will only be permitted through the hardship panel withdrawal process of GAPDAC. Documentation will be required and the Hardship Panel will determine if a hardship exists and whether a withdrawal is warranted. Students initiate this process through the Ombudsman’s Office. 


The 2017-2018 graduate and undergraduate catalogs are now available online. Catalogs from previous years have been archived and can be viewed by selecting the year from the drop down menu. We will be working on the PDF versions and plan to have those available before the start of the fall semester.

As a reminder, a mobile version of the WMU catalog can be viewed on an Android or Apple device. The catalogs are located under the academic icon on the WMU Mobile app.

Shredding event

On April 11, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) Committee hosted the third annual shredding event. According to Data Guardian, over 6,000 pounds of paper and 115 pounds of CDs, DVDs and Floppy Disks were destroyed.  

If you missed the event, don't worry.  The GLBA Committee is planning to schedule another shredding day in October to coincide with Cyber Security Month. 

Fact of the Week

WMU is offering 1,280 sections this semester. 197 (15%) of those are being delivered online. 


  • June 24—Commencement
  • June 28—Session ends
  • July 5—Final grades due by noon