July 10, 2017

Summer II Registration Changes


Summer II Census occurred on Friday, July 7. Students will need to submit a completed Permission to Late Add form to the Registrar's Office in order to add a Summer II course. Students adding their first course after today will be assessed a late add fee of $100 per class.

Drops and withdrawals

Students will receive a 50% refund for a complete withdraw through tomorrow.  July 24 is the last day for students to receive a 25% refund for a complete withdraw. A 24-hour grace period is provided to students who drop a course that meets for the first time on or after the end of the drop and add period. Students dropping a class within 24 hours of the start date should contact the Registrar's Office to make sure they receive the correct refund.

Grade mode and credit hour changes

At this point in the semester students can no longer change from a letter grade to credit/no credit, or from credit/no credit to a letter grade. Students are also unable to decrease credit hours in a variable credit course. According to university policy changes to the grade mode and the credit hour range can only be done through the end of the drop and add period. 

Schedule Building

Final review edits for the spring 2018 schedule are due in the Registrar’s Office no later than Monday, July 31.   Banner access is not available to make changes during this round.  All changes must be marked on the working report and signed by the department chair.

Questions can be forwarded toLaura Thomas or Richard Carbonneau

Proxy Access

Students and families were introduced to Proxy Access at orientation this summer.  As a reminder, Proxy Access allows students to established authorized users and to grant them access to certain academic and financial aid information, including:

  • Degree Works
  • Enrollment Verification
  • Midterm Grades
  • Final Grades
  • Concise Student Schedule
  • Schedule of Classes
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Financial Aid Requirements
  • Financial Aid Award for Aid Year
  • Financial Aid Payment Schedule

Proxy Access is only for academic and financial aid information.   Students will need to use the Authorized Users process through the Payment and Account Information link in GoWMU to grant access to account information and to make a payment.

Fact of the Week

Since going live with Proxy Access in October 2015, access has been granted by 5,020 students to 5,662 individuals.  1,187 proxy users have logged into the system within the last three months.  


11 last day to receive 50% refund for a complete withdrawal
24 Last day to receive 25% refund for a complete withdrawal
18 Summer II session ends
22 Summer II session final grades are due by noon