July 31, 2017

dismissed students

Students who have been academically dismissed will be dropped from their fall 2017 courses today. 

fall tuition invoices

Tuition invoices for the fall 2017 semester will be printed tomorrow, August 1. Please make sure all students who have asked to be registered for the fall semester are entered into Banner by the end of the day to ensure that their statement is as accurate as possible. 

Fall tuition is due Tuesday, August 29, one week before the start of the semester. 

reclaim the W

62 students have been readmitted under the Reclaim the W program for the Fall 2017 semester.  Reclaim the W started in 2014 to restore first-year students that were dismissed at the end of their second semester.   To date, 126 students have gone through the Reclaim the W program.  This fall, the Reclaim the W cohort includes 34 first year students, 14 second year students, and 14 transfer students. 
Students are offered the program based on application, advisor recommendation and essay.  The students will be attending one of four mandatory Reclaim the W orientation sessions prior to the start of the fall semester.  The orientation session will cover topics such as time management, motivation, study skills, etc. to help their academic year get off to a positive start.   Students will also be enrolled in a section of UNIV 1030 this fall.
In the event you are working with a Reclaim the W student, you will notice they have an "RG-Reclaim the W" hold on their account.  This purpose of the hold is to ensure that the student works with an academic advisor to make any schedule adjustments.  The hold will remain on their record until it is removed by their academic advisor.

reverse transfer

Western Michigan University has reverse transfer agreements in place with all 28 Michigan community colleges. Through reverse transfer, students can receive an associate degree by combining credits completed at WMU with credits earned at the community college.

The Registrar’s Office recently contacted 105 students eligible for review under reverse transfer. Student eligibility is based on the number of credits completed at WMU and the number of credits transferred from the partnering community college. 

Additional information on reverse transfer and a list of our current partners can be found on the Registrar’s Office website.

fact of the week

A total of 3,222 former community college students have been contacted about the reverse transfer opportunity since our first agreement was signed in 2012. 


1 Last day to apply for December graduation
18 Summer II session ends
22 Summer II session final grades are due by noon
29 Tuition and fees due for fall 2017 semester