December 4, 2017

Commencement tickets

This Friday is the last day for December graduates to reserve their four guest tickets for commencement.  Graduates who reserve their tickets by December 8 can print the tickets from home or email them to their guests.  A PDF is included in the confirmation email they receive.  Graduates can also access their tickets by clicking on the “My Tickets” tab at the top of ticket reservation website.  

Additional tickets will be available to graduates from December 12 to December 14 while quantities last.  Additional tickets can be reserved using the same ticket reservation process as the initial guest tickets. 

Spring graduation deadline

The deadline for students to apply for spring 2018 graduation has been extended to January 19.

Students can apply for graduation online through GoWMU.  Undergraduate students must be approved by their advisor in Banner before they will be able to access the online application.
Please note the deadline for students to apply for June and August graduation is February 1.

Western Michigan University catalogs

Did you know Western Michigan University catalogs dating back to 1936 are available online?  A link is provided on the Registrar’s Office website.  Catalogs before 2006 are available as downloadable PDFs through ScholarWorks.  

Fact of the week

There have been 3,412 downloads in the past year for catalogs prior to 2006.  They have been accessed from eight different countries including Australia, France, Hong Kong, India, Spain, Sudan and Tanzania.


11 - 14 Final exams 
16 Semester ends
19 Final grades due by noon
22 University closed for winter closure through January 1, 2018