February 19, 2018

Fall registration

The fall 2018 schedule opens for viewing this morning. Students can search for available courses through GoWMU or on the public course offerings website. Courses can be searched using any combination of campus, instructional method, subject, instructor, or course number.

Fall registration begins Monday, March 12. The priority schedule can be found on the Registrar's Office website

Security Re-authorization

The semi-annual student information system re-authorization is currently underway. It will remain open through March 2. Any questions regarding the re-authorization can be directed to the Registrar's Office at (269) 387-4300. 

Scanning project

In 2014 the Registrar’s Office embarked on a project to scan over 73,000 student files to make them more accessible and secure. The files dated as far back as 1995 and as recent as 2009, which is when the university began imaging student records upon admission.  I am pleased to report that the project has finally been completed and the last remaining paper student file has been imaged. 

Requests to participate in the April commencement

Students requesting permission to participate in commencement outside of their actual graduation term will need to submit a Request to Participate form to the Registrar’s Office at least 30 days prior to the commencement they are requesting to attend. 

Submission of a request does not guarantee the student will be approved to participate.  Approval will be granted based on seating availability.  Students may request to participate in a commencement ceremony that is one semester prior to their planned graduation term, or no more than one year after their actual graduation term. 

Banner tip

In addition to the Banner Toolbar, users can navigate Banner forms using keyboard commands.  Some examples include F6 for Insert Record and Ctrl+Q for Exit.  For your convenience, we have included a Banner Shortcut Keys Quick Reference on the Registrar’s Office website

Fact of the week

As of last week, 12% of students attending WMU this semester have a registration hold on their account. 


  • Feb 19—Fall course offerings are available to view online. 
  • Feb. 28—Last day to apply for June graduation.
  • Mar. 2—Last day to receive 25% refund for a complete withdrawal; Spirit Day (no classes, University open).
  • Mar. 5 - 9—Spring Break (no classes, University open).
  • Mar. 12—Midterm grades due.
  • Mar. 19—Last day to withdraw from classes.
  • Mar. 31—Last day to apply for August graduation (no commencement exercises are held).
  • Apr. 15—Spring 2019 course fee request deadline.
  • Apr. 23 - 26—Final exam week.
  • Apr. 28—Semester ends; Commencement.
  • Apr. 30—Spring 2019 schedule available to departments to review and edit in Banner. 
  • May 1—Final grades due by noon.
  • May 7—Summer I session begins at 8 a.m.; Tuition and fees are due.