July 30, 2018

Course fee requests

As a reminder, August 15 is the deadline to submit course fee requests for the summer I and summer II 2019 sessions.  This includes requests for new fees, renewal of fees or changes to current fees.   

September 30, 2018 is the due date for fall 2019 course fee requests.

New policy:  Commencement participation

Starting with April 2019 commencement, students will only be permitted to walk if they are on track to complete their degree requirements by the end of the semester.  In the past, we have attempted to accommodate students wanting to attend earlier or later than their scheduled ceremony.  The number of students wanting this exception has significantly increased to the point where it has become difficult to manage.  Approximately 200 students requested to participate in April commencement, even though they were not graduating in the spring semester.  Many of these students had to be denied due to limited seating availability, leaving them angry and frustrated. 

Allowing students to walk in a different commencement also takes tickets away from students who are actually graduating that semester.   With the new electronic ticketing system, we can easily allocate extra tickets back to the graduates.  It is only fair to give students who are done with their degree requirements the opportunity to receive additional tickets over students who still have requirements to complete.
Please help us communicate this change with students so they can plan accordingly.

December graduation deadline

The deadline for students to apply for December 2018 graduation has been extended to September 14. The extension allows students who are away from campus over the summertime to meet with an advisor and submit their paperwork to the Registrar's Office when they return in the fall.

Fact of the week

50 years ago, the withdrawal policy was changed to allow students to withdraw from a class through the end of the first week past mid-semester.  Prior to 1967, students could only withdraw during the first four weeks of the semester.  In 2002, our current policy was adopted; permitting withdraws through the Monday of the tenth week.


  • August 17—Semester ends
  • August 21—Final grades are due
  • August 29—Fall 2018 classes begin at 8 a.m. - please note this is the Wednesday before Labor Day.