November 5, 2018

Spring 2019 textbooks

As of last week, Follett reported that 69.4% of classes for spring 2019 have course materials submitted. 

Sections with 100% submissions for course materials are:

A - S   CTE   JPNS

Please ensure that this information is submitted as soon as possible. In addition to compliance, timely submission of textbook information is important as students have the ability to view and purchase course materials during the registration process. 

Student concern form

As we move closer to the end of the semester, student stress and anxiety will often increase. Faculty or staff concerned about a student can report this using the student concern form. Information recorded on the form is confidential and goes directly to the Dean of Students Office. There is a link to the student concern form on the Faculty Menu in GoWMU

Spring 2019 graduation

December 1 is the deadline for students to apply for graduation if they are planning to complete their degree at the end of the spring 2019 semester.

From the desk of the Registrar

There was a 16% decrease in the number of courses withdrawn this semester compared to fall 2017 and a 21% decrease from fall 2016. In addition, there were fewer students who withdrew from all their classes. 

Students who withdrew from one or more classes: 

  • Fall 2018:  2,069
  • Fall 2017:  2,471
  • Fall 2016:  2,635

Students who completely withdrew: 

  • Fall 2018:  295
  • Fall 2017:  311
  • Fall 2016:  372

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Pro tip: 

When typing in the form name (e.g. SPAIDEN) in the "Go To" field, any form that begins with the entered letters will appear as a selection.  

Meet the Registrar's OfficeStacey Doxtater

Stacey has been with the university for 22 years serving in various roles in the Registrar’s Office. She has been the supervisor of graduation auditing for the last eight years.

She, along with her staff of five, is responsible for verifying that students have met the requirements for graduation as set forth by the colleges.

Stacey earned her bachelor’s degree 2005 while working full time and raising two children. She majored in criminal justice and minored in sociology.

She also volunteers to help at each commencement ceremony. Ask her what her favorite memory is about working at commencement and she will tell you about the time when she was able to meet Tim Allen when he received an honorary degree in 1998.


  • November 21—Thanksgiving break begins at noon 
  • December 1—Deadline to apply for spring graduation
  • December 10-13—Final examinations
  • December 15—Semester ends; Commencement
  • December 18—Final grades are due by noon


  • January 2—Spring tuition and fees are due
  • January 2-4—Advising days
  • January 7—Classes begin at 8 a.m.
  • January 7-8—One Stop Convenience Center
  • January 11—Last day students can drop/add through GoWMU
  • January 14—Department cleanup*; Census
  • January 15—$100 late add fee begins; Begin recording withdrawals with a final grade of "W" on transcripts
  • January 17—Last day to receive a 90% refund for a complete withdrawal
  • January 21—Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day  Convocation and Activities
  • January 22—Last day to receive 50% refund for a partial withdrawal
  • February 1—Last day to receive a 50% refund for a complete withdrawal; deadline to apply for summer graduation 
  • March 1—Last day to receive a 25% refund for a complete withdrawal; Spirit Day (no classes - University open)
  • March 4-8—Spring recess (no classes - University open)
  • March 11—Midterm grades are due
  • March 18—Last day to withdraw from spring classes
  • April 22-25—Final examinations
  • April 27—Semester ends; Commencement
  • April 30—Final grades are due by noon

*Departmental cleanup day provides the opportunity for departments to assist students in adding/dropping classes. Students do not have access to adjust their schedules via GoWMU on this day; they do receive a 100% refund for any classes dropped by the department.