July 31, 2020

SUM II grades due Aug. 18

The final grade worksheet will be available for grade submission until noon on Tuesday, Aug. 18. Students will not be able to see their grades online until the grade roll process is completed in the Registrar’s Office. This is done shortly after noon on the day grades are due and nightly thereafter. 

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Fall One Stop Center has been canceled

The One Stop Convenience Center, previously scheduled for late August and early September, has been canceled due to precautions regarding COVID-19.

April 2021 graduation deadline is Oct. 1; communication cycle with eligible students begins next week

The Registrar's Office will begin reminding eligible students of the Oct. 1 graduation application deadline via email next week. The communication cycle will expand throughout August and September, and incorporate many new elements to reach students. 

As a reminder, there are two deadlines for graduation applications: Oct. 1 for April graduation and Feb. 1 for June, August and December graduations. For more information regarding application deadlines or the communication process, please contact John Scott.

Building Access Affiliate Request form required for students who are not enrolled

Students who are not currently enrolled but require building access (e.g., for research purposes) must complete the Building Access Affiliate Request form at wmich.edu/registrar/students/forms. Submitting this form will allow Bronco Card activation for the specified times that students are not enrolled in classes. 

Once the Bronco Card is activated, students will need to have their department follow current WMU guidelines regarding building access. Please direct questions to Jim Bronson.

Did you know? A fun fact from the Registrar...

Reverse transfer is an agreement between Western Michigan University and community colleges that allows students to receive an associate degree by combining credits completed at WMU with credits earned at the community college. 

WMU has nearly 30 transfer partners, including Kalamazoo Valley Community College, Kellogg Community College and Lansing Community College. Learn more at wmich.edu/registrar/students/reverse-transfer.