April 7, 2022

Following up with students who have not registered for summer and fall 2022

All eligible students who have not registered for summer and fall courses will receive a registration reminder email from the Registrar's Office by the end of next week. The email contains a link to the WMU Course Offerings page and reiterates tips to ensure a smooth registration process (e.g., checking for holds and speaking with an advisor).

If you would like to communicate with unregistered students in your area, there is a Cognos report available to help. The report, 21.00.20 - Students Registered in Prior Terms Not Registered in Future Terms, can be found by going to the Retention folder (21.00). This report excludes students who have graduated, applied for graduation or been academically dismissed. Please email John Scott with questions.

Final exams are just a few weeks away 

Exams begin Monday, April 25, and conclude Thursday, April 28. Regularly scheduled class meeting times are not held during exam week.

View the complete exam schedule
2022 summer camp information from Precollege Programming

For those coordinating summer camps this year, please make sure to register your program through the Office of Precollege Programming. We will advertise all summer camp opportunities to the community on one web page. Once you update your camp information via our webform, we will update your information for the community website

Additionally, please review the following policies for 2022 summer camps: 

  • The requirement for day camp participants (those not staying overnight) is to screen for symptoms as currently required of all daily guests. Negative tests or verification of vaccination status are not required. A sample daily screening form can be found on our website for your convenience. 
  • Summer camps are allowed in the residence halls. If your camp has housing needs, please contact Jeremy Ynclan, assistant director of Residence Life. Double occupancy is permitted. Participants staying overnight on campus, single or double occupancy, are no longer required to provide a negative PCR prior to arrival or verification of fully vaccinated status unless otherwise indicated by an individual program. 
  • Camps must follow WMU's masking guidelines. Currently, masks are optional outside of classrooms but required in classroom settings. This will be the same for summer camps, and any changes to WMU’s masking guidelines would apply to camps as well. 
  • Changes in WMU policy for summer camps may occur if the State of Michigan changes its requirements and/or the University adjusts its policies; be prepared to respond to changing protocols with COVID-19. As soon as we are made aware of any changes, we will email all those registered in our precollege database to communicate the policy adjustment. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding camp policies, or camps in general, feel free to contact the Office of Precollege Programming by calling (269) 387-2773 or emailing Erika Carr.

Did you know? A fun fact from the Registrar...

Nearly 8,200 students have registered for fall courses since registration opened on March 14.