July 8, 2022

SUM II census takes place today

Please ensure the correct instructor of record has been entered in Banner for all sections, sections on hold have been canceled or made active and all students attending have been registered so they will be counted (this includes students completing thesis and dissertation hours, independent studies, internships, seminars, etc.).

Upcoming Orientation sessions

We have successfully completed June two-day Orientation sessions. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making those a success. There are three upcoming one-day Orientation sessions on July 15, July 29 and Aug. 12. All incoming transfer, EMC and first-year students who have not yet attended Orientation are invited to attend. 

Today is the last day to drop/add SUM II courses

Students may drop and add via GoWMU until 11:59 p.m. After today, dropping a class is considered a withdrawal and will show on the academic transcript with a final grade of “W”. Classes can be withdrawn in GoWMU from July 9 to July 25. The refund schedule is listed in the calendar at the bottom of this email.

SUM I 2022 Dean's List now available

Celebrate student success
Did you know? A fun fact from the Registrar...

Our staff recently discovered a schedule from the 1922 Summer Term. Course advisors included Mr. Sprau, Miss Spindler, Mr. Hoekje and Dr. E Burnham!