10 ways Degree Works can help during registration

10 ways Degree Works can help during registration

Number 10: Use the Look Ahead feature to plan what courses you are interested in taking. Enter the Subject and Number, and then click Add Course. Click the Process New to see how those classes will be used.  

Number 9: If you are considering changing your major, use the “what if” feature to determine what classes will be needed in the new major.

Number 8: Degree Works displays real-time enrollment information so you can see how many seats are available in a class.

Number 7: Courses that require a prerequisite will have an asterisk listed next to them in Degree Works.  Click on the class to see the prerequisite (s).

Number 6: Click on a class link to see a description of the class and when it meets.

Number 5: You can see if you have any holds that would prevent you from registering.

Number 4: Degree Works displays the number of credit hours that you have earned to help you determine your priority registration time. 

Number 3: Login to Degree Works the day after you register to see how the courses will be used to satisfy specific degree requirements.

Number 2: Degree Works identifies requirements that have been completed or are in process to help you avoid registering for classes you don’t need.  This could save you money and reduce the time it takes to earn your degree.

And the number one reason Degree Works can help you during registration?

Degree Works helps to foster the vision of WMU for sustainability by providing an online environment that supports real-time delivery of degree completion – you can see at a glance what classes are still needed to graduate – that in turn reduces the need for paper.