Registration Definitions

Add or drop a course

You may add or drop a course or courses anytime the system is available during the drop/add period for the semester. See the academic calendar for specific dates.

Closed courses

When a section has reached its capacity the system will close that section to prohibit further registrations. Please choose an alternative section or see the department offering the course for alternatives.


Co-requisites are different courses that must be taken during the same semester or session. For example, CHEM 1110—General Chemistry Lab I has CHEM 1100—General Chemistry I as a co-requisite. Both course reference numbers must be added at the same time when registering for courses which are co-requisites.

Grade mode

The grade mode for most courses can be letter grade, credit/no credit or audit. Most courses—except mandatory credit/no credit courses—will default to a letter grade mode. To change the grade type, first register for all courses. Then select Change class options and follow the prompts. You may only change the grade mode during the drop/add period.


Certain holds will prevent registration. If you have a hold the registration system will indicate which office you need to contact for further information on the hold.

Linked courses

Linked courses are different sections of the same course which must be taken during the same semester or session. These often include a lecture and lab combination. For example, MATH 1140 meets twice a week as a large lecture and once a week in a smaller discussion section. The lecture and the lab both have their own course reference number, so you must register for both sections at the same time.


Many courses require successful completion of another course prior to registration. For example, MATH 1160 has MATH 1110 as a prerequisite so you must have passed MATH 1110 with a grade of "C" or better prior to enrolling in MATH 1160. The registration system does allow registration for a future semester with current enrollment in the prerequisite.

Reserved seating

Reserved seating allows departments to allocate seats to specific populations of students. You can determine if a section has reserved seating by going into the course search in GoWMU and clicking on the course title. The reserved seat counts will be displayed at the bottom.

Time conflict

The registration system will not allow you to register in courses which overlap in time. Contact the department offering the courses for assistance with registration if you need to register for courses with overlapping times.

Variable credit

The system will prompt you for the number of credit hours you wish to take when you register for any course that offers variable credit hours. Select Change class options from the registration menu if you wish to change variable credit hours. You may only change variable credit hours during the drop/add period.


A registration feature that allows students to add themselves to a wait list in closed sections of courses through GoWMU. Waitlisting does not guarantee students a seat, but does reserve their place in line should a seat become available.