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Why come to WMU for music ed? 

Music Education at the WMU School of Music is a four-year bachelor's degree program that emphasizes a solid foundation in music performance and field-based learning experiences.

  • Music education majors complete the same musical education as performance majors during their first two years.
  • In their junior and senior years, students focus on music education by teaching young students.
  • WMU partners with area school districts to provide practicum experiences in each music education methods class.

Graduates of the music education program are found in schools all over the United States.


What do we have that others don't?

  • Performer/Educator 
    During the first two undergraduate years, music education students take the same curriculum as performance majors.
  • Guided Fieldwork Prior to Intern Teaching
    WMU emphasizes real classroom experiences in music education. Many other schools do not place as much emphasis or time on observing and teaching with young students in real classrooms.
  • Technology Threaded Through the Curriculum
    Our methods classes integrate technology with music education instruction beginning with the first music education class in the freshman year.
  • Coursework Addressing Special Needs Students
    Students in the junior year methods courses address instruction for special needs learners.
  • Designed to Complete the Degree in 4 Years 
  • Faculty are Active Musicians and Researchers 
  • Access to Faculty