Student writing notes on sheet music.

Music Education Majors are first and foremost outstanding musicians.

The first two years of education focus on applied music study, music history, music theory, and aural skills. Students also are introduced to music education as a career through experiencing outstanding music teachers.

After the sophomore year:

Music education majors choose from two emphases:

  • Choral and general music OR
  • Instrumental music.

Music education at WMU emphasizes the practicum as a primary component of learning.

  • Beginning in the freshman year, students in the course, Experiencing Music Education, observe teachers and learn about what it takes to be an effective music teacher.
  • Students in the program continue to observe and interact with students and teachers in K-12 schools around the Kalamazoo area throughout their junior and senior years. Their education culminates in a semester apprenticeship with a mentoring teacher.
  • As a result of real classroom experiences, students not only know about music education, but they have also been engaged as educators with real students in real classrooms