Classroom Information

Classroom space

All general classrooms are owned by the University and are defined as a room or space generally used for scheduled instruction that require no special, restrictive equipment or configuration. These classrooms are scheduled by the Registrar's Office.

Departments responsible for a room will provide and maintain equipment for the room. They may also have approval to preassign the space. Room assignments are based on the course information and room requirements submitted by the academic departments using the section change form.

The Registrar’s Office will provide the course scheduling deadlines to the departments prior to the scheduling period each semester. Departments must accurately identify back-to-back, shared space requirements, technology and other special requests. The Registrar’s Office must be notified using the section needs form by the academic scheduling first round deadline. Departments that do not meet the deadline will not be guaranteed any special room requests.

Major departmental change requests—those involving the addition or deletion of sections, changes in time or day, changes to capacity or classroom space—submitted after the published deadline will be processed after all other scheduling actions. All changes must be submitted on a section change form and must be approved by the chair and dean. Requests will not be accepted via telephone or email.

The target classroom seating goal is 85% utilization.

Computer and scientific labs

Spaces defined as laboratories—computer or scientific—are scheduled by the department scheduler in collaboration with the building coordinator. The space assignments must be shared with the schedule coordinator for record-keeping purposes. Food and beverages are strictly prohibited in all laboratory spaces.

Classroom accessibility

Classroom assignments may be changed when the room is determined to be inaccessible for a student or an instructor. Instructors should notify their department scheduling coordinator as soon as they identify any barriers to their own or a student’s access to or within a classroom. Academic scheduling will make every effort to relocate the class to an accessible room. Academic scheduling works closely with Institutional Equity to ensure that classrooms and classroom locations are fully accessible for disabled students and instructors.

Changes in classroom assignments

Instructors and departments may not move their class from an assigned room without prior approval from the department scheduling coordinator and the Registrar’s Office. All schedule changes affecting class meeting time and days or classroom assignments must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the department using a section change Form. In the event of an emergency evacuation of a classroom or building academic scheduling will attempt to relocate classes to temporary meeting rooms.

Room size and configuration

Seating capacity has been determined in accordance with state and city safety regulations. Departments are not to over-enroll students beyond the maximum classroom size. If it appears that student demand will surpass the scheduled room departments should contact academic scheduling immediately—before the class grows too large—to determine if alternate space is available. It is unacceptable for students not to have appropriate seating. Inappropriate seating violates building codes and provides a poor image of the university and its ability to manage enrollment.

Furniture is not to be moved from one room to another without approval of the building coordinator. If a room does not contain adequate facilities to meet the scheduled maximum enrollment or equipment needs the instructor should contact the department scheduling coordinator for assistance. Academic scheduling will attempt to locate alternative space, if necessary.

Non-course scheduling

Please contact Academic Scheduling to request the use of a general classroom for an additional meeting time, an alternate or secondary exam room, breakout room, review sessions, class presentations, or other uses.

Registered student organizations

All RSO academic room reservation requests must be requested at least five days prior to the scheduled event.

The person making the reservation is considered to be the responsible individual representing the sponsoring organization, department or Registered Student Organization and should adhere to all policies and procedures. The responsible individual who has requested the reservation is responsible for assuring members of the sponsoring organization, department or RSO understand and agree to all facility use policies. The responsible individual is accountable for cancelling the reservation in a timely manner, if necessary.

Appropriate use of facilities

Food service is not permitted in academic classrooms. Certain events may be denied use of classroom space if it is determined that the nature of the event is inappropriate for the purpose of the classroom. The possession, consumption or furnishing of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances is strictly prohibited.

Classroom maintenance

To report damage please complete the Bronco FixIt form. Requests for lecterns, podiums or additional tables should be addressed by the building coordinator. Seating will not be increased beyond the approved capacity of the classroom.