July 13, 2015

Summer II census

The official census count for the summer II session will be taken at the end of the day today. It is important that all students attending summer II courses are registered in Banner today so that they can be accurately reflected in our census numbers. Please also ensure that all sections have the correct instructor of record listed and that all sections on hold have been cancelled or made active.

Summer II registration changes


Departments have access to add students to summer II courses through the end of the day today. After today students will need to submit a completed Permission to Late Add form to the Registrar's Office in order to add a course. Students adding their first course after today will be assessed a late add fee of $100 per class.

Drops and withdrawals

Students dropping today will receive a 100% refund. After today students will receive a 50% refund for a complete withdrawal through Friday, July 17 and a 25% refund from July 18 to July 29. A 24-hour grace period is provided to students who drop a course that meets for the first time on or after the end of the drop and add period. Students dropping a class within 24 hours of the start date should contact the Registrar's Office to make sure they receive the correct refund.

Grade mode and credit hour changes

At this point in the semester students can no longer change from a letter grade to credit/no credit, or from credit/no credit to a letter grade. Students are also unable to decrease credit hours in a variable credit course. According to university policy changes to the grade mode and the credit hour range can only be done through the end of the drop and add period.


Waitlisting has ended for summer II. Any students on a waitlist for a summer II section have been dropped. Departments may add students into waitlisted sections today as they see appropriate.

Spring 2016 scheduling building

Room assignments have been completed for the spring 2016 term and are available by logging into Cognos. Banner access is not made available for the final round. All changes must be made on the working report—in red—or on a section change form and attached to the working report. Working reports must be signed by the department chair and returned—even if there are no changes—no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, July 17. 

Accounts receivable and parking holds

In order to assist students with registering for the fall 2015 semester the accounts receivable hold amount will be temporarily raised from $300 to $1000 and all parking holds will be temporarily ended tomorrow or Wednesday following summer II census. The holds will be reinstated on September 22.

Upcoming dates

  • Monday, July 13—Census
  • Tuesday, July 14—$100 late add fee begins, begin recording withdraws as W on transcript
  • Friday, July 17—Last day to receive a 50% refund for a complete withdrawal
  • Wednesday, July 29—Last day to receive a 25% refund for a complete withdrawal
  • Monday, Aug. 3—Last day to withdraw
  • Friday, Aug. 21—Summer II session ends
  • Tuesday, Aug. 25—Summer II grades due by noon