June 13, 2016


Grading for the spring 2016 semester has been closed. Students who were not issued a grade by the instructor have been given an incomplete. Instructors can remove the "I" grade using the "Remove Incomplete Grade" link on the Faculty menu in GoWMU.

Grading for the Summer I session is open. Summer I grades are due at noon on Tuesday, July 5. 

Course Look Up

When reviewing available courses online using the course look up feature, clicking on the Course and Title link provides complete information about a course including, catalog description, course fees, prerequisites and restrictions, attributes, and instructional method (traditional, hybrid, online). A link is also provided to view the list of required and recommended course materials.

Thanks to  programming by Information Technology, the section comments are now available in course look up. The section comments are a way to communicate section specific information to students including, but not limited to, courses that are linked as a lecture and a lab. Section comments can be entered by the department during round one of academic schedule building using SSATEXT. Alternately, comments can be added by submitting a section change form.

Fall Program Creation and Revisions

Degree Works and the undergraduate catalog have been updated with all changes to programs that came through the curriculum process effective Fall 2016.  This includes revisions to existing programs and programs newly created for fall.

Departments are encouraged to closely proof the requirements for their programs in Degree Works.  The requirements as outlined in the undergraduate catalog should exactly match the requirements in Degree Works.  If discrepancies between the catalog and Degree Works are discovered, please notify Kelley Oliver (kelley.oliver@wmich.edu) in the Registrar’s Office as soon as possible.

The following undergraduate programs are new for fall 2016:


Business Analytics (BUAJ)
Business Law (LAWJ)


Peace Corps Health Preparatory (PCHN)

Undergraduate Certificate Programs:

Dance Studio Management (DSMF)
Embedded Systems Venture (ESVF)
Paper Engineering (PPRF)

June Commencement Tickets

Reserved tickets will be available today for graduates to pick up through June 23 at WMU Bookstore Shops located on the main level of the Bernhard Center.  Tickets may also be picked up on June  24 and June 25 at the Miller Auditorium Box Office.

Fun facts

795 sections have been set up with waitlists this fall.  Waitlisting allows students to reserve a spot should a seat become available.  Waitlists can still be added to Fall 2016 sections by submitting a Section Change Form (pink sheet) to the Registrar's Office.

Upcoming dates

  • June 25—Commencement
  • June 29—Term ends
  • July 5—Final grades due by noon