October 10, 2016

Online application for graduation

Students can now apply for graduation online. Starting last week, students no longer need to submit a paper application to the Registrar’s Office to apply for graduation. Instead, they can apply through GoWMU using the link available on the Academic Services menu. 
Providing students with the ability to submit their graduation application electronically makes the process more convenient, especially for non-traditional students and students who are away from campus completing an internship or studying abroad.
The online application is available to students applying for all degrees, including certificate programs. Undergraduate students must be approved by their advisor in Banner before they will be able to access the online application. Paper applications given to students prior to October 5 will still be accepted.

Spring 2017 registration

Registration for the Spring 2017 semester opened this morning for graduate students. Priority registration goes through Thursday, October 27. Here is the registration schedule for the week:

Day Date Level Credit Hours
(or above)
 Last Name Time
Monday   Oct. 10   Graduate Students           8 a.m.
Tuesday   Oct. 11   Athletes
          8 a.m.
Wednesday   Oct. 12   Seniors   122       8 a.m.
Thursday   Oct. 13   Seniors   104       8 a.m.
Friday   Oct. 14   Seniors   88       8 a.m.

View the complete priority schedule.  

As are a reminder, the first time a student accesses the schedule of course offerings or registers for courses in GoWMU for a fall or spring semester, they are prompted to update or validate their contact information. In addition to entering a permanent/home address and emergency contact information, students are required to enter a cell phone number. If they do not have a cell phone, they are directed to enter their primary phone number in the field.

Degree Works

We typically see an increase in Degree Works usage during the month of October. Within the first three days of the month, we had over 1,000 unique student logins. Last year, over 7,000 students used Degree Works in October. 

Help us reach a new Degree Works record by encouraging undergraduate students to use Degree Works to plan their schedules for next semester.  Click here for 10 ways Degree Works can help students during registration.


An email was sent to employees on October 1 providing instructions on how to complete the electronic security reauthorization process.  As a reminder, employees and supervisors have until October 15 to complete the process.

Upcoming dates

  • October 24—Midterm grades due
  • October 26—Last day to receive a 25% refund for a complete withdrawal
  • November 7—Last day to withdraw from classes
  • November 23—Thanksgiving recess - classes dismissed at noon; University open until 5 p.m.
  • December 12-16—Final exam week
  • December 17—Semester ends; Commencement
  • December 20—Final grades are due by noon