October 8, 2018

Spring 2019 registration

Registration continues for the spring 2019 semester. This week, Juniors and Sophomores will be able to register.  

Day Date Level Credit Hours
Mon Oct 8 Juniors 77 8 a.m.
Tue Oct 9 Juniors 66 8 a.m.
Wed Oct 10 Juniors 56 8 a.m.
Thur Oct 11 Sophomores 47 8 a.m.
Thur Oct 11 Sophomores 38 Noon
Fri Oct 12 Sophomores 30 8 a.m.
Fri Oct 12 Sophomores 26 Noon

Midterm grades

Midterm grades are due Monday, October 15.

Midterm grading is an important retention tool. Providing early feedback to students gives them a sense of how they are doing in their courses and lets them know where they may need to make adjustments while they still have time to do so. These grades are monitored by advisors who will reach out to students struggling academically.

Instructions to push midterm grades from eLearning to Banner can be found online.  Or if you need assistance, please contact the Faculty Technology Center at (269) 387-6958 during normal business hours.  

FERPA and grading

Grades cannot be directory information and can never be posted in a public setting. An instructor may post grades only if the grades are posted in such a manner that only the instructor and the individual student can identify the individual and his or her grade. Grades should never be posted with any portion of the social security number. The University recommends that such a list not be in alphabetical order.

Papers, graded exam books or lab reports containing student names and grades should never be left in publicly accessible places. Students are not to have access to the scores and grades of others in the class in ways that allow other students to be identified. Student education record information—including grades or GPA's—should not be shared with other faculty or staff members unless their official responsibilities identify their legitimate educational interest in that information for that student.

Information from student education records should not be shared with parents or others outside the institution—including letters of recommendation—without written permission from the student. Anytime there is a question of whether or not student information should be released please contact the Registrar’s Office prior to releasing the information. 

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Meet the Registrar's OfficeCheri Butler

Cheri was hired 13 years ago to fill a position at the customer service counter in the Registrar’s Office. Since then, she has also served as an office assistant, assistant supervisor, and is now the Office Supervisor of the Academic Records area.

She supervises seven people who are all well trained in providing excellent customer service, from the staff members at the customer service counter to those answering phones and providing transcript services; her area is the most diverse in the Registrar’s Office. Cheri also supervises the VA clerk.

  Cheri’s area handles over 1,500 transcript requests, walk-in students, emails, and phone calls per month.

 She earned her Bachelor of Science from WMU with a music major. Her grandmother and her youngest son also earned their degrees from Western. Music is still very much a part of Cheri’s life and she plays piano, guitar, and hammer dulcimer.

In her spare time, she enjoys camping with her husband, reading, and quilting.


  • October 15—Midterm grades are due
  • October 17-19—Fall recess - University is open during normal business hours
  • October 22—Last day to receive a 25% refund for a complete withdrawal
  • October 29—Last day to withdraw from classes
  • November 21—Thanksgiving break begins at noon 
  • December 10-13—Final examinations
  • December 15—Semester ends; Commencement
  • December 18—Final grades are due by noon