February 18, 2019

Summer registration

Priority registration for summer 2019 ended Friday. Today, all students are eligible for summer I and summer II courses. 

Fall registration

The fall 2019 schedule opens for viewing this morning. Students can search for available courses through GoWMU or on the public course offerings website. Courses can be searched using any combination of campus, instructional method, subject, instructor, or course number.

Fall registration begins Monday, March 11. The priority schedule can be found on the Registrar's Office website

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Pro Tip

Notification Center

Notifications have four alert levels indicated by background color: successful or informational, warnings, and fatal. The notification(s) will only display if there is an active notification. To dismiss the message(s), click on the notification box. 

Question from the field

How can I see the registration audit trail for a student? 

In Application Navigator, search for the form SFASTCA
multi-record and single-record toggle example

Some pages, such as SFASTCA, have multi-record and single-record toggle buttons at the top of the page. The multi-record option is to allow the viewer to see all of the information in a condensed form and reduce the need to scroll. The single-record will provide a single record view. The user will need to click the next button to see additional records. To utilize this feature, check that the page has the buttons: 

Meet the Registrar's OfficeAnn Stockwell

Ann came to WMU after 25 years in Human Resources Management spanning several industries from publishing to school fundraising to electronics. She began her WMU career in the Registrar’s Office in 2012 as a Records Clerk. Ann has been an Academic Auditor since 2014. Her auditing responsibilities cover the College of Education, undergraduate and graduate levels, Haworth College of Business MBAs and Health & Human Services Physician Assistants.  Ann enjoys working with advisors and meeting students from all over the world.

Ann received a B.A. in History from Saint Mary’s College in South Bend, Indiana, and her MSIR from Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois.  Her love of travel and learning about different cultures began with her sophomore year abroad studying in Rome.  So, when the opportunity came to travel the world in her former career, she jumped at it.  She still credits Italy as her favorite place and says the smaller the town, with no English spoken, the better.

Ann was born in Hershey, Pennsylvania, but grew up in Stevensville, Michigan.  She thinks her love of chocolate comes from being born in chocolate town. She also attributes her love of Notre Dame to being weaned on green milk.  At least those are her excuses!  Ann enjoys getting together with family, longtime friends for travel, dinner, and laughter, and cheering on the Broncos.


February 2019

18 -  Fall 2019 courses open for viewing

March 2019

1 -  Last day to receive a 25% refund for a complete withdrawal; Spirit Day (no classes - University open); Banner 8 no longer available

4-8 -  Spring recess (no classes - University open)

11 -  Midterm grades are due; Fall 2019 registration begins

18 -  Last day to withdraw from spring classes

April 2019

22-25 -  Final examinations

27 -  Semester ends; Commencement

29 -  Tuition and fees are due for the Summer I term

30 -  Final grades are due by noon

May 2019

6 -  Summer I begins at 8 a.m.

10 -  Last day students can drop/add through GoWMU

13 -  Department cleanup*; Last day to receive a 100% refund; Census

14 -  $100 late add fee begins; begin recording withdrawals with a final grade of "W" on transcripts

17 -  last day to receive a 50% refund for a complete withdrawal

27 -  Memorial Day - University closed

31 -  Last day to receive a 25% refund for a complete withdrawal

June 2019

3 -  Last day to withdraw from classes

20 -  Tuition and fees are due for the Summer II term

26 -  Summer I term ends

27 -  Summer II begins at 8 a.m.

29 -  Commencement

*Department cleanup day provides the opportunity for departments to assist students in adding/dropping classes. Students do not have access to adjust their schedules via GoWMU on this day; they do receive a 100% refund for any classes.