March 26, 2021

Spring midterm grade reporting

Midterm grades were reported in 47% of all gradable sections offered this semester. The College of Arts and Sciences reported grades in 61% of its sections. Great job, CAS! Here is a breakdown of the grade reporting:

Arts and Sciences: 555 of 907 sections (61%)
Aviation: 65 of 119 sections (55%)
Education and Human Development: 143 of 323 sections (44%)
Engineering and Applied Sciences: 63 of 224 sections (28%)
Fine Arts: 180 of 431 sections (42%)
Haworth College of Business: 107 of 294 sections (36%)
Health and Human Services: 125 of 332 sections (38%)
Other: 10 of 14 sections (71%)
Total: 1,248 of 2,644 sections (47%)

Hardship withdrawal process

As a reminder, March 22 was the last day for students to withdraw from spring classes. Withdrawal from a course will now only be permitted through the hardship withdrawal process via the Office of the Ombudsman.

Higher Education Emergency Relief Funding

With the authorization of the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund II (HEERF II), WMU is able to offer one-time funds to help support students during the pandemic. Student Financial Aid sent email notifications to undergraduate and graduate students earlier this week.

Students must have a verified 2020-21 FAFSA on file as of March 19 and be enrolled in at least one credit hour this semester to receive the grant. Processing of the grant may take seven to 10 days. Once funds have been fully processed, the refund procedure will begin. Refunds will disburse electronically if an e-refund account is present (otherwise, a paper check will be mailed).

Learn more at Please encourage students with questions to contact Bronco Express at (269) 387-6000.

Late graduation applications must be submitted by April 1

Feb. 1 was the deadline for June, August and December 2021 graduation applications. Students may submit a late application by Thursday, April 1, or wait until the next available graduation term. Please direct questions to John Scott.

Catalog revisions due by April 5

The Registrar's Office sent undergraduate and graduate catalog proofs via email on March 16. Please carefully review and return your catalog revisions by Monday, April 5. If no revisions are needed, you can simply reply to the initial email and state that no changes are required. Catalog changes submitted will be in effect for the 2021-22 academic year and cannot be altered once the catalog is published. Please direct questions to Dawn Burghardt.

Did you know? A fun fact from the Registrar...

Dawn Burghardt, formerly an academic auditor, now serves as the curriculum catalogs specialist in the Registrar's Office. Dawn hit the ground running and was instrumental in developing an entirely new system for catalog proofing. Welcome, Dawn!