November 5, 2021

Fall midterm grade reporting

Midterm grades were reported in nearly 49% of all gradable sections offered this semester. The College of Arts and Sciences reported grades in 59% of its sections. Great job, CAS! Here is a breakdown of the grade reporting:

Arts and Sciences: 553 of 931 sections (59.4%)
Aviation: 77 of 137 sections (56.2%)
Education and Human Development: 168 of 351 sections (47.9%)
Engineering and Applied Sciences: 86 of 238 sections (36.1%)
Fine Arts: 166 of 440 sections (37.7%)
Haworth College of Business: 140 of 345 sections (40.6%)
Health and Human Services: 145 of 320 sections (45.3%)
Other: 40 of 48 sections (83.3%)

Total: 1,375 of 2,810 sections (48.9%)

Spring registration is underway

Spring course offerings can be accessed via GoWMU or the WMU Course Offerings page. 

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2022-23 and 2023-24 University Calendars now available

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Fall 2021 withdrawal numbers

This fall, there were 292 complete withdrawals (1.5% of enrollment) and 1,577 partial withdrawals (8.2% of enrollment). For reference, here are the withdrawal numbers/percentage of enrollment from previous fall semesters:

  • Fall 2020: 337 complete (1.6%) and 1,979 partial (9.7%)
  • Fall 2019: 295 complete (1.4%) and 1,750 partial (8.2%).
  • Fall 2018: 295 complete (1.3%) and 2,069 partial (9.2%).
  • Fall 2017: 311 complete (1.4%) and 2,471 partial (10.8%).

Hardship withdrawal process

As a reminder, Nov. 1 was the last day for students to withdraw from fall classes. Withdrawal from a course will now only be permitted through the hardship withdrawal process via the Office of the Ombudsman.

Admissions recruitment partner spotlight

The Office of Admissions would like to recognize Elaine Frybarger, mail center supervisor from Logistical Services, as a fantastic recruitment partner. Elaine has provided great service and support to the Office of Admissions for years. Between advice on mailing projects and assistance with deliveries during the campus shutdown, she is always working to make sure incoming and outgoing mailings are handled well. The admissions office manages a lot of outgoing mail, and we appreciate the partnership of Elaine and her colleagues to ensure our communication to incoming students is timely and following postal guidelines. Thank you, Elaine!

Did you know? A fun fact from the Registrar...

Students enrolled at WMU as part of the Senior Citizens' Opportunity Program in Education (SCOPE) may now complete a webform to indicate their class selection. This was previously done via phone or email; the new process will help us track and organize SCOPE requests. See the webform at

This semester, there are 23 SCOPE students enrolled at WMU. They range in age from 62 to 83 years old!